Celebrity Halloween Costumes: The Stars Who Dress For The Holiday Year-Round

Celebrity Halloween Costumes: The Stars Who Dress For The Holiday Year-Round
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When it comes to Halloween costumes, whoever has a bit of creativity racks up major cool points in my book. After all, it swings by just once a year, and the crazier and craftier your DIY skills, the better, because no one needs another naughty” nurse outfit. Im talking playful wigs, impeccable ensembles and out-of this world makeup all the fun stuff that makes the holiday worth celebrating, besides the free Kit Kats, of course.

For some celebs, however, Halloween passes by as just another day to let their crazy flags fly. Their star personas become inseparable from costumes, but hey, at least they dont have to try as hard when the time comes. Sure, there might be a real person underneath all that eyeliner and those layers of carefully sewn-together strip steak, but wouldnt it scare you more to see what lies beneath? Click through for these celebrity Halloween costumes that are really just their everyday garb.

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Ke$ha - Brushing teeth with a bottle of Jack before getting dressed probably doesn’t help.

Taylor Momsen - When she’s not flashing her ta-tas to unfazed crowds at parties, our favorite little Gossip Girl misfit moonlights as a stripper-raccoon.

Dita Von Teese - With her fair skin, sex appeal, and buxom bod, Dita Von Teese brings the era of Boardwalk Empire-burlesque to life.

Katy Perry - In her spare time, she frolicks through Candyland in a cupcake-bra that spews frosting. The girl looks like a Lisa Frank Trapper folder year-round.

Russell Brand - Take your pick: Jesus or Weird Al.

Amy Winehouse - Fifties throwback and major cat eyeliner is her thing, but the Halloween wigs from Winehouse-posers last year are going straight to Snooki this year.

Mischa Barton - We cringed seeing her most recent flapper style fail. What happened to our fashion-conscious Marissa Cooper on The OC?

Helena Bonham Carter - As Tim Burton’s fiancée, maybe looking like a wicked witch 24/7 is expected.

Marilyn Manson - By now, the shock rocker's style shouldn't be shocking. It's still pretty scary though.

Lady Gaga - Perhaps the sole reason for this list to exist, Lady Gaga rarely disappoints, wearing everything from raw meat bikinis to McQueen.

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