Halloween Costumes: 5 That Should Never Be “Sexified”

Rachel Adler

Oh, Halloween. The one holiday where the girls that wear normal clothes are frowned upon. Also known as Carol Han’s favorite holiday because well, she hates the word pants. Or really any clothes at all. But, there is still a slim line between dressing sexy, and just plain overdoing it. So, we’ve listed for you five costumes that should never be made sexy–ever.

1. The Clown (pictured above)

Clowns are terrifying. This may be a personal preference, but they are. Plus, who finds a girl wearing multi-colored polka dots, dyed hair (often a wig), crazy paint makeup and a red nose sexy? No mentally stable guy, that’s for sure.


2. The Baby

Babies are supposed to be cute. Footie pajamas, bottles in hand, sucking on their thumb…you should never have an exposed stomach or treat your diaper as some kind of sexy underpant. Gross.


3. The Grapes

Really, you’re going to go out as a bunch of grapes? Round, circular objects taped to your body? Come on…I don’t need to say anything else here.


4. Bumble Bee

I know the bumble bee is a popular one, and I admit, kind of cute. But isn’t it weird that we’re “sexifying” a short, fat, and very round winged creature? Let’s not have guys start thinking of us as that round stumpy thing. Plus, horizontal stripes don’t look good on anyone.


5. Ghost Buster

And finally, the ghost buster. How did this classic become a sexy costume? You’re supposed to be killing ghosts, not having a hard time zipping up your ghostbusting outfit.