Halloween Costumes: 10 Tired Ones To Avoid

Halloween Costumes: 10 Tired Ones To Avoid
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Halloween is one of the best “holidays.” The movies are scary, the candy is sweet and the costumes are amazing… most of the time. While I’m usually already pumped for Fall in general, this year, a Ricky’s Halloween shop opened just down the street from my humble abode. I cannot wait to peruse the racks hoping to get inspired. As we enter the second week of October, it’s time to get down to business!

While I’m currently stuck pondering between Ms. Holly Golightly and a gold-clad Cleopatra, I know which personas I’m NOT going to channel this year. It seems every year 10,000 people manage to step out as the same thing and no doubt each of these will be out there this October 31 you’ve seen them and you even may have been one (we all have at some point). Click through for the top 10 clich offenders.

Which look do you think will run rampant this All Hallows’ Eve? (All bets on my girl Snooki.)

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1. Being a nurse is a perfectly respectable, not to mention difficult profession. Please stop making it seem like one step from stripper, Christina Aguilera and everyone else!

2. The Sexy Kitten - Or cheetah... or lady bug... or bee, any way you do it, it's still just a corset. $49.50, at Flirt Catalog

3. The Referee - Better to keep this look on the bench. (DISCLAIMER: I may have fallen prey to the baseball version my freshman year of college...) $34.99, at Ricky's Halloween

4. The Bunny - The only way to make this work is going classic Playboy a la Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. This polyester version is just gross. $39.99, at Ricky's Halloween

5. Snooki - Beware! This costume is the ultimate guido magnet! $27.99 at Costume Express

6. Madonna - I have two words to modernize this costume: Lady Gaga. And about 200 ways to do it. $56, at Oh Cheri

7. Britney Spears - Yes, the Glee episode was amazing, but unless you're toting the python, no dice.

8. Angel - Not sure Mariah's bustier is the beacon of innocence. Plus, Nick Cannon getting in on the action takes angelic to awkward town. 

9. Adam and Eve - I give Seal and Heidi an A+ for creativity, but melding the snake and apple into one costume is sinful. Also Seal looks more like a caveman. 

10. Coco, wife of Iced Tea proves that if you're going to be a devil for Halloween, you mind as well just go full on hooker. Subtly, ladies!

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