Halloween Costume Ideas: 5 That Will Land You A Man

Rachel Adler

Halloween is of course one of the best nights of the year to go out on the hunt for men (who are we kidding, it’s the best week depending on how many parties you can cram into your schedule). And, we know with all of the sexy costumes out there, it may be a little hard to choose which one will help you get your catch. So, here are some costumes to help you beat out the rest of the competition, even though we know you don’t really need our help.

1. The Refreshinator (pictured above)

This costume has beer holders around the waist– it’s lowcut, tight, and holds beer. What more could a guy want?


2. Burlesque Dancer

The sexy burlesque dancer brings a man’s fantasy world to life, for free. On Halloween they don’t have to pay to see burlesque girls, you can dress up as one for them! But, you’re still leaving a little to their imagination with the skirt–because guys love a bit of mystery.


3. French Maid

The classic French maid costume is every guy’s dream–a hot woman who cleans. Add your little duster and clean off a seat right next to the cutest guy in the bar.


4. Sexy Lioness

Aw, cute little lion cub. What guy wouldn’t want to go up and introduce himself to a furry little animal? You could even throw in a roar if you’re really daring…


5. Cop

First of all, this costume is all pleather. Guys will automatically find a pleather bodysuit hot. Secondly, handcuffs. You’ve got yourself a winner here girls.