You Can Now Get Halloween-Specific Widgets To Suit Your Spooky Aesthetic

Maggie Griswold
You Can Now Get Halloween-Specific Widgets To Suit Your Spooky Aesthetic
Photo: Courtesy of Whiskey Pearl; Adobe.

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If you’ve spent hours rearranging icons and adding widgets to your phone’s home screen, you’re definitely not alone. The recent iOS update gave us all the capability to truly customize what we see when we pick up our phones, and creative ideas have been popping up everywhere—the latest of which is a spooky dream. Now, thanks to some seriously talented artists, you can give your phone the ultimate Halloween aesthetic. All things eerie await us this October, and I’m certainly not mad about it.

For those of you who haven’t quite figured out how to change up the widgets and icons on your phone screen, allow me to give you a little run-down. When it comes to widgets, you’ll need to head over to the App Store to get started. From there, download an app called Widgetsmith (It’s free!). Once it’s downloaded and opened, you’ll find three different options for your widgets: Small, Medium and Large. Depending on how much room you want the widgets to take up on your screen, you’ll want to play around with sizes.

Once you start exploring a bit in the app, you’ll find plenty of ways to customize. You can create calendars, add personal photos that fit your ideal theme or add text to display your favorite quote or an affirmation to yourself. Let your creativity shine—and make sure that you add in a photo of pumpkins or a still from your favorite Halloween movie this season.

When your widgets are set up, you can move along to Halloween app icons. This gets a bit trickier, but here’s a little step-by-step with which you can follow along.

1. Launch the Shortcuts App on your phone.

2. Look in the top right corner of the screen, and tap the ‘+’ icon.

3. Tap ‘Add Action.’

4. Type ‘Open App’ in the search box & select this option.

5. Tap ‘Choose’ & then use the search box to find the app you want to change.

6. Look at the top right corner of the screen and tap the three dots.

7. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’

8. Tap on the placeholder app icon & a drop-down menu will appear.

9. Choose either ‘Take Photo,’ ‘Choose Photo’ or ‘Choose File.’

10. From there, you can add any photo to become the icon image & rename the app if desired.

Yes, changing your app icons is a bit tedious, but when you end up with a gorgeous and aesthetic home screen, you’ll likely forget it took you hours to get it just right. Before you head over to your phone to start working on it though, you’ll need some Halloween app icons! So many creative folks have designed the cutest (and spookiest) icons, and you should definitely treat yourself. (No tricks here!) Keep reading below to find some must-have Halloween app icons you can purchase and download instantly to your device. Prepare for your most aesthetic October yet.

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1. Halloween-Themed Icon Pack

STYLECASTER | Halloween Aesthetic

Courtesy of Storitime Designs.

Um, how cute are these Halloween app icons? The pumpkin vibes for Twitter, candy for Pinterest and bat for texting? Sheer genius.


2. Spooky Icon Pack

STYLECASTER | Halloween Aesthetic

Courtesy of Sincerely Brooklynn Co.

If you’re into a spooky black and white vibe, these Halloween app icons from Sincerely Brooklynn Co. are a great option. I particularly love the use of a cobweb for the Settings App.


3. Pastel Halloween Icon Pack

STYLECASTER | Halloween Aesthetic

Courtesy of Whiskey Pearl.

For a lighter option, this pastel Halloween icon pack is seriously dreamy. The glitter and pastel fall vibes are unmatched for the season. Plus, the pack comes with widget images and wallpapers, too!


4. Halloween Icon, Widget & Wallpaper Pack

STYLECASTER | Halloween Aesthetic

Courtesy of iOS14 App Art.

Another eerie option? This Halloween icon, widget and wallpaper pack. Featuring 50 different icons, five wallpapers and four widget graphics, this pack is pretty spook-tacular.


5. Halloween Aesthetic Icon Pack

STYLECASTER | Halloween Aesthetic

Courtesy of Della Events.

Fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas will love this Halloween aesthetic icon pack—featuring Jack Skellington images throughout. There’s no denying that all the spooky vibes are perfect in this set.

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