Halloween ’09 Top Six Pop Culture Costume Picks


All year you kind of wish you were one of those celebrity freaks, what with their lack of pants or morals, so why not emulate one on Halloween? We won’t even go the Michael Jackson route, since it’s probably too soon and way too many people will be fighting over sequined gloves. Instead, here’s our top six picks for the “celebrities” you should be this year, and the cheapest way to do it.

Lady Gaga (above)

Since we don’t exactly recommend going as the fake hermaphrodite version of Gaga, the easiest crazy costume you could put together was the bubble dress she wore on the cover of Rolling Stone as well as in an SNL skit with Andy Samberg. Just buy a nude bodysuit and some fishnets, and if you can, lucite heels. Then go to a crafts store and buy tons of those clear Christmas ornaments, preferably in different sizes. Sew as many onto the bodysuit as you can stand, and that’s it! Next is a blonde bob wig (unless that’s you already), and you’re good to go. It’s Disco Stick time.


Amber Rose

If you ball up and shave your head…that would be great. Otherwise, purchase a skin-colored cap to put your hair under in order to look like Kanye West’s sidekick/girlfriend. Next, find skintight liquid leather leggings and pair with sky-high heels. Pencil in arched eyebrows and don huge black sunglasses. And bronzer…lots of bronzer.


Plus 8

Believe it or not, the Kate Gosselin wig has been a big seller this year. If you’re not quite on Team Kate or Team Jon (for Jon, just buy out the Ed Hardy store), you plus seven friends can go as the Plus 8. Represent their super-cute and sometimes annoying clan by all dressing alike, and donning brunette wigs. Then carry all-organic lollipops.


A Kardashian

Besides sporting a baby bump, sequins, loose curls, and a muscular sidekick (whether that be your jock boyfrend or Khloe, that’s up to you). Keep your Blackberry in hand, and perfect the Kardashian pout in the mirror before heading out.


Megan Fox

A certain amount of confidence is crucial in order to perfect this, as you’re basically being the hottest woman alive. Take a fine painting brush, and either liquid eyeliner, or black paint, in order to recreate her many tattoos. Next bright red lips, and long dark waves, and go either the slinky dress route, or the skintight jeans and stomach-baring jeans Transformers-style. Into Jennifer’s Body? Buy an old white prom dress and drench in fake man-eating blood.



Think fierce. Take superhold hair gel to sweep hair into a structured pompadour, and buy colored hair mascara in blonde to create swirls of color. Next purchase a body-skimming bustier, and pile on necklaces, bracelets and attitude. Wear some drop-crotch pants and booties. Red lips, Ray-Bans set off the look; then just go live your life.