Finally: A Stylish Way to Wear Your Hair Tie Around Your Wrist

Emily McBride
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(The Grommet)

Since about middle school, I’ve worn a hair tie on my wrist. (That alone signals a problem—no fashion statement should seamlessly transition from middle school to adulthood.) It’s become so habitual that I don’t even notice it anymore, which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t look totally sloppy. Yes, my wrist is a super practical location for the band—it keeps a hair tie accessible at a moment’s notice should the weather be unbearably hot or windy—but it’s definitely not a stylish one.

Slapping an elastic on your wrist to go to the gym is one thing, but no one wants to sport a rubber band as a bracelet when she’s wearing an otherwise perfectly put-together outfit. It’s basically the accessory version of a mullet: No matter how great your getup is, you’re going to fall short of looking chic.

Thankfully, the designers over at BitterSweet have released the hair tie bracelet, and my quandary has an answer. This stainless steel cuff is engineered to hold a thick elastic band (or two thin ones) around your wrist, disguising the elastic eyesore as an understated bracelet suitable for a day at work or a night out.

Plus, the $45 cuff comes in silver and painted gold, so no worries about clashing with your other jewelry.  I’ll be grabbing one of each so that I’ll always be prepared.

bittersweet hair tie bracelet

(The Grommet)