Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin’s Response To Selena Gomez’s New Songs Is Unexpected

Kristen Martin
Justin Bieber- Hailey Baldwin
Photo: YouTube.

After Selena Gomez dropped two new singles, “Lose You To Love Me” and “Look At Her Now,” fans suspect a few lyrics are about the Jelena breakup! Hailey reacted to Selena Gomez’s songs about Justin Bieber, and it’s not what you’re thinking.

On October 23, Selena Gomez released a new song “Lose You to Love Me.” The single is inspired by her relationship with Justin, fans think, after pointing out the accuracy in these lyrics: “In two months, you replaced us/Like it was easy.” The next day, Gomez released “Look At Her Now,” which also hints towards a few events in the on and off relationship with Justin Bieber: “It was her first real lover. His too ’til he had another.”

Following the release of the single, Hailey Baldwin posted a screenshot of “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker featuring Jhene Aiko to her Instagram Story, and of course, fans thought that in doing so Hailey was taking a jab at Selena’s new track. To be honest, Summer Walker’s song is all about not letting anyone come between her love, and she’s making it known that she’ll do anything for that special one. I can understand the speculation here as Hailey’s Instagram Story was posted immediately after Selena’s release.

Hailey responded to the speculation by saying, “Please stop with this nonsense…there is no ‘response’ This is complete BS.”

A source told E! News, “Of course Justin and Hailey have heard Selena’s new song and they are both trying to not give any reaction to her lyrics referencing Justin. It isn’t ideal for Hailey but she understands the creative process of writing music and that Justin had a past.” The “Isn’t ideal” part can be taken out of context, but let’s continue… The source adds, “Justin has completely moved on from that chapter of his life and understands that Selena is allowed to reflect on the past in her own way.” 

The source finished by saying that both Hailey and Justin want Selena to be happy and that they aren’t fazed by the new music. And folks, if they’re not fazed by it, neither should we be.