Hailey Bieber Just Revealed the Jeans She Lives In—& They’re Under $100

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Hailey Bieber Just Revealed the Jeans She Lives In—& They’re Under $100
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If I had to choose one celeb whose street style I absolutely adore, it would be Hailey Bieber, hands down. Whether she’s strutting the streets of New York City in head-to-toe Bottega Veneta or grabbing a coffee with Justin in LA in a somehow-chic sweatsuit and sneakers, our girl always looks good. While I can’t afford most of her wardrobe, I’m happy to report that Hailey Bieber’s favorite Levi’s jeans check in at just under $100, so I’ll definitely be ordering a pair.

How do I know they’re her favorite, you ask? YouTube, baby. On October 30, Vogue uploaded a video to their popular YouTube channel titled “Every Outfit Hailey Bieber Wears in a Week | 7 Days, 7 Looks.” Believe me when I say that I have never clicked a notification so fast! In the video, Bieber smiles at the camera as she stands in front of a rack of gorgeous clothes, rows of heels, sneakers and boots, and an accessory table overflowing with Bottega, Jaquemus and Prada.

At first, I thought perhaps Bieber’s stylist, Maeve Reilly, would appear in the video to select Bieber’s looks, but instead the starlet pieces them together on her own, no doubt confirming with the mega-talented Reilly off-screen. Or, perhaps Reilly pulled the clothes for the racks and let Bieber mix and match from there! Either way, she crafted seven stunning looks and I took notes on every single one—especially to see if I could afford any of the same pieces.

Spoiler alert—a lot of the items were way, way out of my price range, from stunning Margiela vinyl pants to Tom Ford leather pumps. That said, she did have a handful of affordable pieces sprinkled in! There was a belt from Zara, a sweater from Mango (sold out in almost every size by now, natch) and thrillingly enough, some Nike Air Force 1s and a pair of jeans by Levi’s
. Considering the other jeans mentioned in the video, by Natasha Zinko, retail for a cool $770, Bieber mentioning a pair of $98 Levi’s is kind of a huge deal.

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Bieber styles the Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit Jeans
 in her Friday look, paired with a black Wolford bodysuit and the aforementioned Zara Belt. Of course, she then fancies it up with boots by The Row, a coat by Raey and a YSL handbag. The look is very Men In Black meets NYFW street style, and I love it so damn much. 10/10, copying with my own Levi’s immediately.
Of course, Bieber isn’t alone in loving this particular pair of jeans. The Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit Jeans
 are made of a low-stretch denim and designed to be super high-waisted and cinched in to hug the hips, so they’re ultra-flattering while still laid-back and relaxed. The perfect jeans to dress up or down, as Bieber confirms! While I spent most of her Vogue video drooling over pieces I could never afford, at least I know I can twin with her when it comes to her denim.
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