Hailey Bieber Is Slowly Making Baggy Jeans Part Of Her Signature Uniform

Hailey Bieber Is Slowly Making Baggy Jeans Part Of Her Signature Uniform
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Hailey Bieber is the Regina George of the fashion world. A typical morning getting dressed goes something like this: Hailey Bieber wore an oversized blazer, so I wore an oversized blazer. But now, Hailey Bieber’s jeans are the most recent wardrobe staple to start an imitation frenzy—the model wore baggy jeans two days in a row last week. Don’t you dare call her an outfit repeater, though. She’s a trendsetter!

Previous trends that Hailey Bieber has played a large role in sparking include casual suiting, chunky gold hoop earrings, the slicked-back bun and even beachy body chains. The thing that makes Mrs. Bieber such an effective trendsetter is that she doesn’t wear an item just once for an Instagram post and then move on to the next trending look.

She intentionally picks pieces she loves and wears them on repeat. Her signature uniform of great jeans, an oversized blazer and chic accessories is now so iconic, that any change brings about great interest from her fashion followers.

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The Mega Agency.

The personal uniform selection process is competitive, so only the best styles stick. Now that baggy jeans have been slowly but surely been incorporated into Bieber’s everyday apparel, the style is guaranteed to be everywhere for spring. 

A good pair of baggy jeans fits well in the waist (sometimes requiring a belt) and hangs loosely the rest of the way down. To achieve the skater look, you’ll want to find a pair of jeans that are objectively too long. If the denim is stiff enough, you’ll be able to scrunch the bottoms without them dragging on the floor for that truly too-cool-to-care aesthetic.

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The Mega Agency.

As proven by Hailey Bieber’s recent street style, baggy jeans pair well with other wardrobe staples. Grab a white T-shirt and throw on a blazer or trench and you’ve achieved the model-off-duty uniform. The denim style also looks good with virtually every type of shoe—heels, sneakers, chunky boots, you name it.

Keep reading for the five best baggy jeans on the market right now, and don’t be afraid to channel your inner Bieber when styling.

STYLECASTER | Hailey Bieber Jeans

Courtesy of Good American.

Good Skate Jeans

Good American makes some of the best (and most size-inclusive) denim on the market. The brand just released this perfect pair of skate jeans in three washes in sizes 00-26. The fit is intentionally oversized, so you’ll look effortlessly cool and casual.

STYLECASTER | Hailey Bieber Jeans

Courtesy of H&M.

’90s Baggy High Jeans

If you’re looking for a more affordable version of the trend, this light-wash pair from H&M fits the bill. The style comes in five rinses and sizes 0-18.

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Courtesy of ASOS Design.

Curve High Waist Slouchy Mom Jeans

This pair of baggy stonewash jeans are right on trend (I’d expect nothing less from ASOS, TBH). The style comes in plus sizes 14-24 and has two different length options.

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Courtesy of BDG.

Skater Extra Baggy Jean

A few rips go a long way! This pair of baggy ripped jeans comes in classic light wash or neutral taupe in sizes 24-34. Even better, they’re on sale for just under $50 bucks!

STYLECASTER | Hailey Bieber Jeans

Courtesy of Ragged Priest.

Low-Rise Baggy Jeans

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to hit two trends at once, these low-rise baggy jeans are a great option. They come in four different washes (including a bold bright pink) and sizes 24-36.

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