Hailey Bieber’s Instagram Posts Are A Foolproof Guide To Fall Fashion

Bella Gerard
Hailey Bieber’s Instagram Posts Are A Foolproof Guide To Fall Fashion
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Hailey Bieber is a street style icon all year round, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that autumn is when she serves up her very best looks. Our girl looooooves a statement coat, great denim and a chic pair of sunnies. And don’t get me started on a good blazer, her number one wardrobe staple! Overall, Hailey Bieber’s fall fashion is probably my favorite out of any celeb I follow.

In a way, one could argue Bieber’s trend-setting fall style is the evolution of a wave of fall wardrobe aesthetics. Just five or so years back, myself and so many others were obsessed with a cozy, cheerful look now referred to as Christian Girl Autumn. The look got its name from a meme of influencer Caitlin Covington, who was basically the blueprint for all things chunky knits, PSLs and fall leaves—and still is!

That said, most of us have grown out of our Christian Girl Autumn phase and are craving a fall aesthetic that feels a bit more chic. Cue Hailey Bieber’s best street style looks, which strike that perfect balance of cool and comfy. A trendy jacket with baggy jeans, an oversized blazer with leather pants—pretty much everything she wears makes me want to throw away my autumn basics and start completely fresh.

Luckily, Bieber keeps fans up to date on her fashion must-haves via Instagram. In her latest carousel, captioned “some fall things 🍄🎃🎃🎃” she shared a slew of good looks.

First off, can I get a little commotion for the red Chanel puffer coat? Those gold buttons take a cold-weather staple and elevate it in a way I never thought possible. I tend to gravitate towards neutrals in fall, but Bieber has me itching to go bold with bright red.

Just a few slides in, we see her in a head-to-toe leather moment featuring trousers, a trench and a little black bralette. Most of us might finish off this look with heels or even boots, but Bieber? Green sneakers, another of her unexpected wardrobe essentials.

Also in the post are a slew of casual at-home looks, from ripped jeans and white kicks to a fuzzy patterned fleece to the perfect around-the-house gray tank. As much as I admire her full-on ‘fits, her off-duty stuff is pretty damn good, too.

And of course, as we proceed into fall, we’re bound to see some more of her statement-making outerwear in the mix. Last year, Bieber wore every color of coat under the sun, from a floor-length yellow Bottega Veneta coat with shearling tendrils to a far more relaxed shiny green puffer vest that I still think about to this day.

Bottom line? If a refreshed fall aesthetic is what you seek, I predict Hailey Bieber Fall will be the new Christian Girl Autumn, although the name definitely needs some work. Catch me stocking up on blazers, leather, bold outerwear and pretty much whatever else this woman wears.

I’m not normally one to copycat, but her autumn wardrobe is just too good to resist. Thanks for the style inspo, Hails!

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