Hailey Baldwin Just Deactivated Her Twitter After Claims She Dissed Selena Gomez in a Video

Hailey Baldwin
Photo: Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

Fans think Hailey Bieber deactivated her Twitter after Selena Gomez shade claims. Here’s what went down: Hailey and her friend, Justine Skye, came under fire on Wednesday September 16, after claims that they dissed Selena (Hailey’s husband Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend) in an Instagram Story video.

In the video, Justine and Hailey could be seen working as DJ Khaled and Drake’s “POPSTAR” played in the background. In the song, Drake name-drops Selena in a lyric (which was lip-synced by Justin in the music video for “POPSTAR.”) “Look, Ariana, Selena, my Visa It can take as many charges as it needs to, my girl,” the lyrics read.

In Justine and Hailey’s workout video, fans claim that Justine can be heard saying, “Nobody says Selena” and laughing when the lyric plays. (Watch the video here.) After the claims, Justine took to her Twitter, denying that she said anything negative about Selena. “I was tryna be nice but idc, you guys are fucking weird .. stop searching for reasons to attack people defense of your FAV. Especially if it’s completely inaccurate. Don’t y’all have homework to do or somethin 😒,” she tweeted.

As for Hailey, the model didn’t address the workout video, but fans did notice that she deactivated her Twitter soon after the accusations that she shaded her husband’s ex-girlfriend. (As of writing this, fans who visit Hailey’s Twitter will be met with the message: “This account doesn’t exist. Try searching for another.”)

In May 2020, Hailey opened up about comparisons to Selena early in her relationship with Justin and how they made her feel “less than.” “I’ve had a really, really hard go and a really hard time with a lot of the things people say and a lot of the ways that I feel like people have made comparisons and put me in a position where they’ve made me feel like less of a woman,” Hailey said in episode of her and Justin’s Facebook show, Live With the Biebers.

In an interview with British Vogue in December 2019, Hailey also slammed “narratives” that she has any issues with her husband’s ex-girlfriend. “I think social media is a breeding ground for toxicity and people creating false drama between women and trying to put women up against each other and create these narratives that are just…toxic,” she said at the time. “I think that has to change and that has to stop.”

She continued, “I think there needs to be more people with platforms coming together and saying to each other, ‘Let’s kill the conversation, let’s kill the fake drama, let’s squash all these things, let’s move on from stuff. Let’s not give people a reason to fuel fire and create drama and being rude to each other.’”

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