Hailey Baldwin Had The Best Response After Trolls Criticized Her Halloween Costume Plans

Hailey Baldwin Had The Best Response After Trolls Criticized Her Halloween Costume Plans

Who among us could have guessed that trolls would attack the newlywed Mrs. Bieber this week, of all people. Not me! Apparently, though, it looks like Hailey pissed off the wrong “fans” when she started talking about what to wear for halloween, causing this Hailey Baldwin clapback for halloween costume trolls. Whew.

When will people learn to stop crossing the Bieber family? Just last week, Hailey’s hubby Justin Bieber dragged PETA after they came for him to criticize his purchase of his designer kittens. We all know that he’s not a mean guy—after all, he mostly comments playful, funny things, like that time he called Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes “weird,” (but in a good way) or his baby fever posts to Hailey. But he definitely knows how to defend himself when the occasion calls for it. Clearly, so does Hailey.

When the 22-year-old model took to Instagram on Wednesday, October 9, she launched a simple request: “Spooky [season] is upon us and I need good ideas for Halloween!!! Send some my way,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. A totally normal, inoffensive ask, right?

Wrong, at least for some of Hailey’s religiously devout followers. “Aren’t [you] a Christian?” one follower asked. Hailey responded casually, with, “Yes. I still dress up for Halloween.”

While some Christians believe that Halloween is a pagan practice, and therefore abstain from the festivities, it’s clear that Hailey does not share the same belief—which is totally fine! You’d think things would end there, but “love thy neighbor” her fans did not.

“FAKE CHRISTIAN,” wrote a troll, and Hailey’s clapback was honestly great. “Our kids are gonna celebrate, too,” she responded with a smiley face. Looks like all that recent baby fever posting from Justin has got Hailey thinking about the future, and in it, her kids will be little Halloween-celebrating “fake” christians, too. How about that, trolls?