Hailey Baldwin Hints That Justin Bieber Hit Her Up Amid Selena Gomez Romance

Hailey Baldwin Hints That Justin Bieber Hit Her Up Amid Selena Gomez Romance
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While fans are on the edge of their seats wondering if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are broken up (again) or still together, another Bieber ex has come out to play: Hailey Baldwin. The 21-year-old model—who briefly dated the “Despacito” singer in 2016 (during the time that he and Gomez were broken)—recently left a huge clue suggesting that her high-profile ex is still hitting her up, despite being back together with Gomez.

In a jewelry-styling video for Vogue Australia, shot during the last day of New York Fashion Week in February, Baldwin opened up about an ex who recently called her and asked her to lunch. The video continues with Baldwin picking out a “super chill” outfit to show her ex that she DGAF about him anymore. She later turns up in a curves-hugging red dress with a high slit showing off her supermodel-long legs. (Super chill, indeed.)

“So my ex called me and he asked me to go for lunch,” Baldwin said. “I wanted to wear something really kind of subtle, super chill, very casual. Because it’s like I just want him to understand that I’m over it and just don’t even really care anymore. So yeah. This was a good option.”

Now, the anecdote might seem like nothing—until you factor in reports from December that claim that Bieber and Gomez were in couples therapy because of his ongoing relationship with Baldwin. In December, a month after Bieber and Gomez publicly rekindled their romance, TMZ published an article claiming that Bieber reached out to Baldwin to clear their air over their “sour” breakup.

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber

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As part of his renewed faith in Christianity, Bieber decided to be “open and honest” with Gomez about his conversation with Baldwin. Let’s just say: It didn’t go over well. TMZ reports that Gomez “wasn’t thrilled” with Bieber talking to his ex and that the two decided to start Christian couples therapy to work out their issues.

During that time, Us Weekly published a similar story also claiming that Bieber reached out to Baldwin. However, the magazine reported that their conversation was simply “platonic.”

“Justin reached out to Hailey. They didn’t talk on the phone and it wasn’t in person, just an exchange of texts,” a source told Us Weekly in December. “Hailey is dating Shawn Mendes. There is nothing going on between her and Justin. She’s not interested in Justin in the slightest and he’s not interested in her.”

Which brings us to Baldwin’s recent hangout with her ex. Though it’s not confirmed that it’s Bieber, the idea isn’t completely out of the ballpark, judging from Bieber’s history with reaching out to his exes and Baldwin’s not-so-thrilled attitude toward her former flame.

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Baldwin might also be referring to her rumored beau Shawn Mendes, who Us Weekly suggested she recently broke up. When Us Weekly asked if Baldwin was seeing anyone in March, she replied, “Currently, I’m not.”

Of course, the ex could be any of the men who we never knew that Baldwin dated. Whether it’s Bieber, Mendes, or a complete rando, one thing is for sure: Baldwin definitely won in the “who’s over who” game with her show-stopping outfit.

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