Hailey Baldwin Under Fire for Using the N-Word in Resurfaced Tweets

Hailey Baldwin
Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images.

Hailey Baldwin has some explaining to do. The 21-year-old came under fire on Sunday when Twitter users began resurfacing tweets of the model using the N-word in 2016. The receipts included direct messages and Instagram comments, in which Baldwin called her friends the racial slur, as well as tweets from Baldwin claiming that she could use the N-word because she’s “not white.”

In screenshots resurfaced by the Twitter PopHub, Baldwin can be seen calling someone an “ugly” N-word. The screenshots also include a group chat with some of her friends, in which she is called out for using the N-word. In her response, Baldwin explains that she can use the derogatory term because she’s not white. (Baldwin’s mother is Brazilian, but that still does not excuse her behavior.) “I’m not white tho so that’s awk,” Baldwin responded.

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How these receipts surfaced is unclear (many of them are private messages between Baldwin and her friends, so someone must have leaked them on the internet), but it’s certain that people aren’t happy with Baldwin using slur, even as a joke. After the tweets resurfaced, many users took to Twitter to call out Baldwin for her offensive behavior, as well as demand accountability and an apology from both her and modeling agency, IMG Models.

However, the receipts don’t end there. Along with the first screenshots, some users also resurfaced other old tweets, in which Baldwin said that she returned a “different race” after she spent some time tanning in Florida. (She accompanied the tweet with an emoji of a man with a turban.) Another screenshot also shows Baldwin liking a 2014 meme comparing Jay-Z to a monkey. One user also claimed to have a video of Baldwin rapping the N-word, though the audio is unclear.

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It’s important to note that many of these receipts are screenshots of since-deleted tweets, so there’s a chance that they were edited or fabricated. Still there are many videos that prove that at least some of the tweets are real, meaning that Baldwin has at least used the N-word a few times publicly in the past. As of yet, she hasn’t responded to the controversy.