Hailey Baldwin Clapped Back After a Selena Gomez Fan Called Her a ‘Hoe’

Hailey Baldwin
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Whether she intended to or not, Hailey Baldwin has been embroiled in a love triangle with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for years. The love triangle began when Baldwin briefly dated Bieber after he broke up with his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Gomez, in 2016. And though it’s been years since Bieber and Baldwin have been involved romantically, that hasn’t stopped fans from picking sides in the Baldwin-Bieber-Gomez make-believe feud.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped fans from slut-shaming the opposition either, which is exactly what happened on Wednesday when a Selena Gomez fan account posted an Instagram calling Baldwin a “hoe,” “pathetic,” and “sad” after she spotted her hanging out with Bieber at a Los Angeles church that Bieber, Baldwin, and Gomez, as well as celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Chris Pratt, are known to frequent.

In a now-deleted Instagram, the fan account explained that she “unexpectedly” ran into Taylor Lautner, Bieber, and the singer’s close friend, Patrick  Schwarzenegger, at the service. After talking to the “Midnight Sun” star for five minutes and taking a selfie with him, the fan went to take her seat, which is when she spotted Bieber sitting with his rumored girlfriend, Baskin Champion. Just as the service was about to start, the fan saw Baldwin, whom she referred to as “Hailey Hoe Baldwin.”

Somehow finding the Instagram, Baldwin weighed in, killing the fan with kindness. She shamed the fan for speaking negatively about someone after leaving a church service and hoped that the fan took something away from her religious experience. “So interesting to leave a church service and speak this way about someone,” Baldwin commented. “Anyways, hope you enjoyed the service and were able to get something out of it!! God bless :)”

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After her comment, Baldwin was praised by her fans with many calling her a “queen.” However, not everyone was convinced. Soon after, some fans accused Baldwin of being a “hypocrite” for preaching about kindness, but helping her friend, Kendall Jenner, shade Bieber’s other ex, Sofia Richie. One fan claimed that Baldwin liked an Instagram of Jenner making fun of Richie’s dead horse, Dragon.

As for the original fan who called Baldwin a “hoe,” well, she’s still sticking to her tune. After deleting the initial Instagram, she posted another from the event calling Baldwin “sad” and “pathetic” for lurking and commenting on fan accounts. Staying true to her Selena-Gomez-stan roots, the fan also accused Baldwin of “stalking” Bieber and dragging Gomez for years.

Baldwin hasn’t responded to the second Instagram, but if we can assume anything, it’d be that she’d very much like to be excluded from this narrative.

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