Hailey Baldwin’s Reaction to Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner’s Awkward Coachella Throwback Is Priceless

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin
Photo: Getty Images.

Coachella 2019 is kicking off today, but it got started a little early when Justin Bieber posted a #TBT photo yesterday on Instagram. Wife Hailey Baldwin reacted to Justin Bieber’s Kendall Jenner Coachella throwback. The 2015 photo shows Bieber and Jenner having ~quite a time~ at the music festival. It’s not a great photo of either celeb, TBH, but we kind of love that. They both look human (for once) and seem to be really enjoying themselves. What makes this whole thing funnier, though, is that Bieber and Jenner were rumored to be romantically involved at the time. And even better? Baldwin was there partying with them at this Coachella! What a weird coincidence that he’s now married to Baldwin, one of Jenner’s best friends. It’s a small world, people. Anything can happen.

But the pic is adorable, and Baldwin agrees. Bieber captioned the photo of him and Jenner on the festival grounds: “Coachella better be this good this year.” Jenner has yet to miss the arts festival since 2014, and we’re positive she’ll take any excuse to visit the Southern California desert again this year. (After all, Ariana Grande might perform with NSYNC, so she definitely should make sure she’s front and center!) Anyway, Baldwin totally loves the photo of Bieber and Jenner. She commented, “hahahahahaha this pic gets me every time.” She definitely finds this funny. While it’s not overly gushy, it gets the point across that she approves of her hubby’s Instagram post.

Jenner responded to the photo too, writing, “HAHA i’m dead 😂😂.” Everyone’s dead over this photo and so are we. But we are more dead over these two Polaroids he shared back in 2015. Look at his hand placement! Something was definitely going on between these two…just sayin’.

15 weeks ago, a user commented on this old Instagram, writing, “How do you feel about this exactly mrs wifey ? @haileybieber your bff ??” Valid question TBH.