Hailey Baldwin Dancing to Britney Spears on Instagram Is the Best

Hailey Baldwin Dancing to Britney Spears on Instagram Is the Best
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Move over, Britney! Hailey Baldwin danced to Britney Spears in a new video on Instagram, and it’s actually super mesmerizing. Baldwin and her hairstylist, Florido, threw down to “…Baby One More Time,” and they’re weirdly good at emulating Brit-Brit and a backup dancer.

Don’t worry, though: Baldwin has no plans of taking this show on the road. “lol not the first time me and @florido have done Britney #HardDayAtWork ? BY THE WAY WE’RE FULLY JOKING AROUND,” she wrote. Don’t get it twisted, y’all: They were FULLY JOKING AROUND. They’re not SERIOUS. Britney choreography is not something to do SERIOUSLY. Especially not on Instagram.  

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As one STYLECASTER staffer pointed out this morning, Baldwin is also a budding actress. She did a little Buffalo ’66 for the camera, and though we’d say she’s still working on her acting skillz, she does have quite a few Baldwins in her fam that can definitely act.

So—modeling, dancing, acting; is there anything Baldwin can’t do? Also, how many times did she and her hairstylist have to practice this to get it right? Asking the big questions on a Thursday over here.

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