Hair Makeover Alert: Hailey Baldwin Just Went Super Blonde

Hair Makeover Alert: Hailey Baldwin Just Went Super Blonde
Photo: Wenn

After partying the night away yesterday in honor of BFF Bella Hadid‘s birthday, Hailey Baldwin kicked her hair color up about 10 notches today, going from dark blonde to extra, extra blonde. “Hey Blondie,” colorist Ryan Pearl of Cutler Soho in NYC posted on Instagram alongside a selfie with Baldwin. 

Baldwin’s hair is very light blonde now, with a soft root that’ll grow out seamlessly if she so desires. But judging by popular demand of late, it’s also very possible that Baldwin will stay blonde for quite some weeks to come.

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After she had her hair lightened, off she went to Richie Nektalov (a.k.a. Richie Rich) at Leon Diamond for … a grill fitting. Oh, boy.

Perhaps last night’s blowout bash at Up & Down in NYC with Hadid’s boyfriend, The Weeknd, and Hadid’s mom, Yolanda Hadid, along with fellow model Shanina Shaik and singer Justine Skye inspired the newly lightened locks (and the grill?). More likely, though, is that Baldwin touched down on U.S. soil after Paris Fashion Week ready for a change. And since she wasn’t about to bleach her eyebrows again, she went uber blonde. Makes perfect sense. Looking good, Hails!

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