Hailee Steinfeld Out As Face of Miu Miu

Jessica Rubin

When Prada’s sister label Miu Miu cast True Grit star 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld as the face of their new campaign there was an outcry from the public, who sent along a very clear message: she is just too young. While most girls Hailee’s age are happy with a shopping trip to Urban Outfitters, Steinfeld was featured wearing ladylike Miu Miu dresses and their famous glitter pumps, generally out of the price range of a typical girl in her early teens.

The target audience for Miu Miu ads are financially independent women who spend a large portion of their yearly budget on luxury clothing. It can certainly be a little off-putting to glean fashion inspiration from a girl who’s fresh off the course of pre-pubescence…unless your first name is Tavi and you happen to have Anna and Uncle Karl on speed dial.

While we understand Miu Miu’s redirection to a much older model, it’s interesting that so many bystanders had strong opinions surrounding Steinfeld’s campaign. Both Dakota and Elle Fanning starred in Marc Jacobs ads and MJ’s clothes are no more affordable than the pricey creations over at Miu Miu.

Why do you think so many fashion insiders opposed Hailee Steinfeld’s role as the face of Miu Miu? Let us know in the comments below!

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