Hailee Steinfeld’s Net Worth Makes Her Richer Than Her ‘Dickinson’ Character By Far

Hailee Steinfeld
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One look at Hailee Steinfeld‘s net worth tells you everything you need to know about the Dickinson star’s wallet these days. Hint: It’s very, very full.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case. The actress has come a long way since she first got her start in the industry—and naturally, so has Steinfeld’s net worth. The Los Angeles native started her acting career when she was just 10 years old, landing small roles in films like 2009’s She’s a Fox. It didn’t take long, however, for Hollywood to take notice of the budding star. In 2010, Steinfeld starred in True Grit as Mattie Ross. Though she was only 13 years old at the time, the role ultimately earned her first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress—a feat that many stars have yet to accomplish at twice, let alone triple, her age.

While Steinfeld didn’t walk home with an Oscar that year, the nod paid off. The young actress’ career continued to take off, as she began to land bigger roles in films like the Pitch Perfect franchise, the Transformers spinoff film Bumblebee, and the 2016 coming-of-age movie, The Edge of SeventeenThe latter earned her nominations for a Golden Globe Award and Critics’ Choice Movie Award, among others. Steinfeld has also dabbled into the world of superheroes, having offered her voice to the character Gwen Stacy in the 2018 animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film, along with a leading role opposite Jeremy Renner in Marvel’s 2022 Disney+ series, Hawkeye.

As far as television is concerned, Steinfeld has even starred as none other than the famed poet Emily Dickinson in the Apple TV+ dramedy, Dickinson, since 2019. The series’ third season, which premieres in November 2021, still sees Steinfeld at the helm—and unsurprisingly, her earnings reflect this leading spot.

So, what is Hailee Steinfeld’s net worth exactly? For everything we know about how much the actress makes in 2021—from Hailee Steinfeld’s Bumblebee salary to her pay for Dickinson—just keep on reading below.

What was Hailee Steinfeld’s Bumblebee salary?

Hailee Steinfeld’s role in 2018’s Bumblebee was hailed as one of the best lead performances within the Transformers franchise to date, and it’s easy to see why. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Steinfeld discussed why her role in the film was so effective for fans. “Being a part of a franchise that is so huge was very exciting to me, but reading the script and learning what kind of story they wanted to make, how different it is to the rest of the franchise, that excited me even more,” she told the site in 2018. “The script had this young girl who’s completely normal, has no special powers, but she can take on the world without that. She’s an honest portrayal of a young girl growing up and feeling misunderstood.”

The actress already had a box-office hit at the time thanks to her involvement on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but the earnings didn’t stop there. Bumblebee ended up grossing a whopping $468 million worldwide—which included $127.2 million in the United States and Canada, along with $340.8 million in other territories. While there are no official reports on Steinfeld’s Bumblebee salary at the time, it’s safe to assume that the actress took home a generous paycheck from any backend box office earnings alone.

What is Hailee Steinfeld’s Dickinson salary?

Steinfeld has starred as Dickinson’s eponymous inspiration, poet Emily Dickinson, since 2019. The actress has since reprised her role in the series for Dickinson’s third and final season in 2021, which sees her 19th-century character tackling issues of gender, sexuality and more all while in the midst of two civil wars. Speaking to NBC News about the series end, Steinfeld said, “I just feel lucky to be a part of a show that took so many creative risks and tackled so many of these subjects head-on, and I hope that it sparks conversations for people. I hope it makes them think; I hope it makes them feel seen. I hope that this show can also be a source of hope and light.”

But does Steinfeld also have a salary to feel “lucky” about? Well, while there are no official figures available as far as Steinfeld’s Dickinson salary is concerned, one look at her net worth in 2019 vs. 2021 gives us a hint as to how much she’s earned in the years since joining the series. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Steinfeld’s net worth in 2019 was around $8 million—which is millions less than what she’s worth today. Keep on reading below for Hailee Steinfeld’s net worth in 2021.

What is Hailee Steinfeld’s net worth in 2021?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hailee Steinfeld’s net worth is an estimated $10 million as of 2021. Steinfeld’s net worth is thanks to her impressive acting career, which includes roles in aforementioned films like 2016’s The Edge of Seventeen, 2018’s Bumblebee, and 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Steinfeld’s impressive earnings can also be credited, of course, to her role in the Apple TV+ comedy-drama, Dickinson.

Aside from television and film, Steinfeld is also a successful musician. The young star has been pursuing a music career since 2015, when she sang the song “Flashlight” in Pitch Perfect 2. Following the success of the film, Steinfeld landed a record label contract and released her debut EP, Haiz, that year. Five years later, the singer released a second EP, Half Written Story, which included hit tracks that seemed to reference her rumored relationship with former One Direction star, Niall Horan.

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