Hailee Steinfeld Is Officially Trying to Make Exposed-Bra Outfits Happen

Hailee Steinfeld Is Officially Trying to Make Exposed-Bra Outfits Happen
Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images.

Growing up, exposed bra straps were “scandalous”—perhaps even “trashy” (as our mothers so lovingly liked to remind us). But it’s 2018, we’re adults now and society has (thankfully) begun to move on from that mentality.

These days, celebs like Kim Kardashian West are bringing exposed bras into the mainstream by stepping out in shirtless (but bra-full) ensembles. And other style stars, like Kendall Jenner, have opted for a more covered-up approach—wearing bras over their favorite T-shirts.

But singer Hailee Steinfeld has decided to remind us all she doesn’t follow trends—she sets them. So she got in on the exposed bra movement in a brand new way: She treats her bras like accessories.

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The 21-year-old starlet has an extensive wardrobe—as evidenced by her top-tier outfit selections at Katy Perry’s Witness tour (which she played on more than one occasion) and the Voicenotes world tour (which she headlined). And that’s exactly why we noticed when she wore the same embellished bra over and over and over again this summer.

Plus, her approach to the exposed-bra trend was totally new—and it lets you have your cake and eat it, too. (Or in this case, get all the skin-bearing fun of an exposed bra and wear a shirt, too.) The bra-as-shirt trend was getting a little repetitive, and the bra-over-shirt trend just wasn’t as fun. Steinfeld managed to strike a balance between the two and rock a look no one else was wearing.

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It’s important to note that while Steinfeld’s bra of choice is typically jewel-encrusted, the rest of her outfit is pretty simple. This lets the unexpected accessory take center stage, even when Steinfeld’s the one performing (pun totally intended).

While we’re not sure this trend is necessarily appropriate for everyday wear (just imagine what your boss would say if you wore it into the office), we’re totally into it. Maybe wear it for a girls’ night on the town or, you know, the next time you headline a world tour.