Gwyneth’s Goop Gift Guide Has Landed—and It’s Not as Obnoxious as You’d Expect

Emily Kanoff

Lifestyle website Goop doesn’t have the best reputation. It’s often criticized for being too exclusive or too expensive, or just too much like it’s mothership, Gwyneth Paltrow. But they just released their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, and we’re kinda loving it!



It’s a mix of high and low-end items, for kids, dads and fashionistas alike. Sure, it has it’s share of outrageousness—like, say, a gold Super Angel Juicer for $4739, but there’s also a mushroom knife from Max & Moritz for $19.95, which believe it or not, could totally come in handy with its attached cleaning brush.

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In the travel department, there’s a 4-in-1 plug adaptor for $25, while the more highbrow of jet-setter might like a $550 travel backgammon set. There’s a shave bag from Nordstrom worth $68, emblazoned with the word “Handsome,” and a personalizable classic duffle from T. Anthony that retails for $395.

It also has great ideas for the kids and kids-at-heart: Fun crayons for $12 and building blocks for $58, along with a $3,500 Indoor Foosball Table or a seriously gorgeous Women’s Bixby Bicycle from Shinola worth $1950.

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For the woman who loves her creature comforts, there’s a $1500 Hermès blanket, or a black and white plush robe from Nordstrom for $90 (seen above). There’s also DVDs of “House of Cards” and “True Detective,” along with a set of books about New York City for $685. “Fake Roleys” from The Grey Area make the list at $40 a pop, or you can choose a single safety pin earring from Anita Ko for $1995.

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They really took this hi/lo thing seriously, didn’t they? Check out the full list HERE.

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