Gwyneth Paltrow’s Detox Tips for the New Year Are Strangely Accessible

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Detox Tips for the New Year Are Strangely Accessible
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If your New Year’s resolution was to be healthier in 2017, and you’re embarking on a detox, Gwyneth Paltrow is right there alongside of you. Every year, her polarizing website, Goop, shares tips and tricks to detox to ring in the next 12 months, and this year, her ideas are fairly easy to do—at least if you’re a little creative.

For starters, as E! News reports, Paltrow suggests that you “drink water with fresh-squeezed lemon first thing every morning. Counterintuitively, the lemon decreases acidity in the body, which has major benefits for overall health as well as skin.” With a few (organic) lemons and some (filtered) water, you’re set on that front.

Next, she suggests spending some time in an infrared sauna. “Even a single session in an infrared sauna will help clear toxins, decrease inflammation, soothe muscles and increase your overall energy,” she said. “If you can afford one, it’s definitely worth the investment; if not, find a gym or a spa that’s got one.” The average gal isn’t going out and investing in a sauna, but lots of gyms and spas have them, so—again, it’s within the realm of possibility.

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Next, she suggests a colonic. “Colonics are especially beneficial during a detox when the intestinal villi are busy pulling toxins out of your blood stream and into your intestines to be disposed of,” she said. “You’ll feel lighter and much more energetic, and the process of healing your gut for optimum metabolism will have already begun.”

Don’t forget the bathtub. “Take baths as often as you can during a detox; ideally do a nice hot one every night,” Paltrow suggests. “Supercharge it with essential oils and botanical extracts like the ginger, orange and thyme in Jane’s brilliant Detox Bath Cube (with which I’m obsessed).”

Lastly, exfoliate. “The glow you get from going clean is undeniable; increase it with a super-thorough exfoliation,” she said. “For body, start with dry brushing all over, then follow with a detox oil like the one from Organic Pharmacy. For face, there’s nothing better than a product that just takes it all off—Goop’s Instant Facial is made with all five alpha-hydroxy acids plus salicylic acid, so there is no more efficient skin-smoother and glowifier on this earth!”

Well, you can’t blame a gal for shilling for her own company. If you want some alternatives, try one of these best exfoliators for dry winter skin.

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