These Photos of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter Prove She’s a Carbon Copy of Her Mom 

Gwyneth Paltrow
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There are famous moms and daughters who look similar. And then there are Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Martin look-alike photos. Apple is Gwyneth’s eldest child whom she shares with her ex-husband Chris Martin. (The couple are also parents to son Moses.) Since Apple became older, fans have noted how much she looks like her famous mom. It’s hard to pin-point why Apple and Gwyneth look so much alike. Perhaps it’s their similar eye shape or their near-identical dusty blonde hair. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Apple is becoming Gwyneth 2.0.

In a March 2016 interview with Elite Daily, Gwyneth opened up about what she hopes Apple learns from her about beauty. I hope that the main thing [Apple] will have learned about beauty from me is that, irrespective of anything, she is beautiful. She is an intrinsically beautiful human being,” she said at the time. “Beauty is fun and it can be a wonderful expression of who you are and playing dress up and feeling good, but I hope that underneath that all she’ll know her value and worth and feel beautiful because of that.”

But, of course, Apple’s parents aren’t her only famous family members. Apple’s grandmother (Gwyneth’s mom) is actress Blythe Danner. In an August 2020 interview for Gwyneth’s website Goop, Apple talked to her mom and grandmother about aging. In the interview, she asked her mom “at what age did you feel prettiest,” to which Gwyneth explained that felt especially great in her 30s; though she also confessed that aging can be “hard.”

“It’s definitely a process and I think when you see your face start to change you don’t necessarily feel your best self externally. But the irony is it’s that time in your life when you actually really like yourself and love yourself. So you sort of internally feel really beautiful,” she said at the time.

And so, without further ado, we present to you the best Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple’s Martin’s look-alike photos.

A version of this article was originally published in August 2020.

With Grandma

Three generations of Paltrow women posed for a photo on Gwyneth’s Instagram in August 2020. The picture featured Blythe Danner in the center as Gwyneth and Apple flanked her. All three women wore dresses from Goop.

Apple Turns 16

For Apple’s 16th birthday in May 2020, Gwyneth shared three photos of her daughter with a caption about how proud she is to see the woman that Apple has become.

“I can’t believe I’m actually writing these words but… happy sweet sixteen my darling girl,” Gwyneth wrote. “You are the light of my heart, you are pure joy. You are wickedly intelligent and you have the best, most dry, most brilliant sense of humor. I have the best time being your mom. I love our nightly evening chats when I really get to hear what’s on your mind.”

She continued, “You work hard to get whatever it is you want to achieve, and you have grit and responsibility in spades. I am so damn lucky to be your mother, you beautiful, kind young woman. Thank you for choosing me. I adore you to the moon and back a zillion times. I’m sorry you are having this particular birthday during these circumstances, but as always with you, you find the best in everything. 💝

Workout Twins

Gwyneth shared a photo of her and Apple twinning in workout gear in August 2020. The picture showed the mother and daughter after a workout with celebrity personal trainer Tracy Anderson. Gwyneth captioned the photo at the time, “2 generations of fanatics @tracyandersonmethod 💕.”

All Face

For Apple’s 14th birthday in May 2018, Gwyneth shared a rare photo of her daughter with a caption about how much Apple means to her. The picture was one of the first times that fans noted how much Gwyneth and Apple look alike.

“Happy birthday, my darling girl. You make everyday feel like Christmas morning. You are the most vibrant, hilarious, twirling all over the place, beautiful (inside and out) young woman. You are an amazing thinker and an incredible songwriter. Thanks for still hanging out with me, even though you are 14,” Gwyneth wrote at the time.

Summer Hang

In July 2020, Gwyneth shared a photo of her and Apple lounging outside as they soaked in the sun. “Summer with my 🍎,” she captioned the picture at the time.

Three’s Company

For Mother’s Day 2019 in May 2019, Gwyneth shared a photo of her, Apple and Moses on vacation with the caption: “Thank you to my two beauties for the best morning, and for my entire life. I love you both so much. I love all you mamas out there! Happy Mother’s Day!!”

Mother-Daughter Bonding

For International Day of the Girl Child in October 2012, Gwyneth shared a photo of her and Apple. The picture showed her daughter resting her head on Gwyneth’s shoulder as she shined her blue eyes at the camera. “Everything I do in my life I do for this girl (and her brother). #internationaldayofthegirl,” Gwyneth wrote in the caption at the time.

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