Links To Click: Vanity Fair to Reveal Gwyneth’s Alleged Affair, Why Ryan Reynolds Stripped on a Flight, More!

Valeria Nekhim

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See the best of our Internet reading list from today!

1. The plot thickens in the Gwyneth Paltrow versus Vanity Fair drama. Now, the rumor is that the magazine’s planned takedown piece will expose the star’s alleged affair with Miami billionaire (and Elle Macpherson’s ex-husband) Jeff Soffer. [US Weekly]

2. Photographic artist Hannah Prince decided to photograph men on the streets of Philadelphia right after they harassed her on the street, and the series is definitely worth checking out. [The Morning News]

3. 10 things no one ever tells you about bold lipstick. [Beauty High]

4. This map depicting the most popular baby names for girls by state, for babies born from 1960 through 2012, reveals Americans aren’t too adventurous when it comes to monikers. [Jezebel]

5. Just in time, learn how to carve a pumpkin in five easy steps. [The Vivant]

6. Find out the bizarre and also kiiind of hilarious reason why Ryan Reynolds was forced to strip down on a recent flight. [Radar Online]

7. It’s easy to get your ballerina on with this beginners guide to barre. [Daily Makeover]

8. Sports Illustrated cover girl and Leonardo DiCaprio’s former girlfriend, Bar Rafaeli just wants to find a nice guy, but even supermodels apparently have a hard time meeting Mr. Right. [New York Daily News]