Gwyneth Expands Her Empire


We were initially conflicted when we heard that Gwyneth Paltrow would be designing a clothing line with the French T-shirt label Zoetees. The problem is that we have a pretty extreme distrust for celebrity fashion lines, but post-GOOP we find ourselves trusting everything Gwyneth says and does. Plus, the sketches were super cute.

Michele Corty, of Zoetees, who designed the collection with Gwyneth, said that the line was designed to reflect the star’s personal style, “from [her] laid back day time style to her elegant evening look.”

So far we spy draped jersey basics, a more structured blazer, and a studded tank, all in black and grey. We absolutely believe these are things Gwyneth would wear (although not while roasting a chicken). Perhaps more importantly, we absolutely believe these are things we would want to wear too.

The collection will be available exclusively on starting this Monday, August 24.

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