Guys Funnier Than Girls? Dream On!

Jessica Hoppe

A recent study conducted by the University of California San Diego saysmen are funnier than women. A claim I feel I can disprove that with two simple words:Dane Cook.

While men insist science has proven their victory, after more careful analysis the truth is men are more funny to other men not necessarily funnier in general.

The study (which sounds highly scientific by the way — um, NOT) gathered a group of guys and girls who were all given black and white New Yorker cartoons and asked to write a number of possible captions. The 640 captions submitted were then compiled into a five roundtournament challenge where the 34 male and 47 femaleparticipantschose the funniest by scoring each on a scale of 1 to 5.Male-authored captions made it an average of .11 rounds further than the female-authored ones (winning, but just barely).

Here’s the thing though, men scored male-authored captions much higher.Jezebel reports:

The humor differential between men and women as rated by men was .16. The humor differential between men and women as rated by women was only .06. Men still had a slight edge among women, but it’s much less dramatic than the difference in regard that men have for other men’s humor versus women’s.

Translation: Fart jokes are way more witty than watching Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids.

Add assumptions about males just being funnier in general PRIOR to the study and you can see why I’m not buying the results.

“A full 90% of participants predicted that men would be funnier than women, even though a full 90% did not find men to be funnier.” This stereotype causedparticipants to often misattribute funnier contributions to men while women were blamed for the unfunny captions.

Laugh it up, guys. You may think you’re funnier, but in the end it’s just us humoring YOU.

[Image courtesy of Guest of a Guest]

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