The Brooklyn-Based Brand That’s Making Nautical Silk Scarves Cool

Emily McBride
gunners daughter lining The Brooklyn Based Brand Thats Making Nautical Silk Scarves Cool

Photo: Gunner’s Daughter Instagram

Having grown up on an island, I have a serious draw to the ocean that can’t be satiated by bottled sea salt spray. I love all things nautical, and that obsession translates directly to my closet. For me, there is no such thing as too many fisherman sweaters or too many anchor-buttoned pea coats (and if you know me at all, you know I’ve never met a Breton striped tee I didn’t love).

And now I’m taking my adoration of the sea to the next level with a line of new scarves unveiled by Brooklyn, New York, label Gunner’s Daughter. The brand, designed and produced by founder Erin Goodman, launched in May with a small collection of maritime-inspired canvas and leather bags and small leather goods, which I love. The Wallabout bag is the perfect size for toting around your iPad or just filling with magazines for a lazy day on your schooner (boat not included).

But my favorite feature of the bag? The lining. Inside each is a hand-illustrated map—designed and painted by artist Lane Ngo—of a maritime location such as the Golden Isles of Georgia (where the designer grew up, and coincidentally, so did I) or Brooklyn (where, conveniently, I reside now).

If you’re thinking the lining is too pretty to be hidden inside the bag, you’re not alone. As of last weekend, we can showcase the artistry in the form of a silk twill scarf, now available on the Gunner’s Daughter site.

Trust me: The $189 scarf is about to be my fall staple. I’ll be rocking it tied around my neck in traditional scarf style for sure. But I won’t stop there: You’ll probably also see it tied around the strap of my bag, wrapped into my hair, and possibly even, as the site suggests, worn as a blouse (I’ll have to YouTube tutorial that one, but I’m all over it).

Gunner's Daughter Golden Isles scarf

Photo: Gunner’s Daughter

Gunner's Daughter Brooklyn scarf

Photo: Gunner’s Daughter