Guide To Following Victoria’s Secret Models on Spring Break

Kerry Pieri

As if we’d wanted to be spotted next to them on any beach anywhere, I asked some of the prettiest girls in the world what their Spring Break plans are at the SoHo Victoria’s Secret Store last night. Lily, Erin, Adriana, Candice and Chanel were on hand in their most sparkly for the launch of VS’s new Incredible fragance and bra.

Read on for their beach and Paris adventure plans.

Lily Aldridge: Im going to go to Coachella in California, which Im really excited about. Arcade fire, and Mumford and Sons, and Empire of the Sun are who Im really looking forward to.

Erin Heatherton: My friend said shes leaving for Spring Break, I dont even know when Spring Break is anymore that Im not in school. But, my birthday is March 4, so Im going to be in Paris and Im going to celebrate my birthday in Paris, and that should be really fun. Im really just there to be with my boyfriend and enjoy my birthday, my friends are there, and its such a romantic, beautiful city Im just going to enjoy the food!

Adriana Lima: Well, Im not in school and college anymore so I dont have a Spring Break, I will be working. But, I moved to Italy, actually, about two weeks ago, so Im leaving tomorrow to see my daughter. I cant wait. So if it happens that I have a break, I will be with my family.

Candice Swanepoel: When is spring break? [Laugh] Not as of yet, Id like to take some time in July to go see my family in South Africa. Theyre planning to go on safari, so to go back and do that would be nice. I grew up doing it.

Chanel Iman: Im going to Miami for a Victorias Secret PINK event, Ill be hosting there, so Im really excitedI actually just got back from Milan this morning, so Im exhausted, and I leave tomorrow morning for Paris.

There you have it, these VS models are quite the jetsetters, as to be expected.