A Father’s Day Guide to 10 Types Of Celebrity Dads

Spencer Cain

Happy Father’s Day weekend to all you dads out there! This Sunday, you can finally put all your responsibilities aside and just celebrate you. And if you’re someone’s son or daughter, make sure they know how proud you are to call them a parent.

As we grow up, there’s something we all learn: fathers are all different. While your dad may have been all about teaching you how to play basketball, your friend’s dad may have wanted to make sure your friend was the best at knitting. (Okay, we’re not too sure how many dads are into knitting, but hey, we all have our things.)

When it comes to celebrities, the same rules apply: no two dads are the same. There are the celebrities that you’d never expect to be parents, but who manage to have a brood trailing them wherever they go; then there are other celebrities who seem to treat their children as accessories rather than people.

Here, we break down the 10 basic archetypes of celebrity dads you’re likely to read about in the latest weekly tabloids on the newsstand. Which category do your favorite stars fit under?

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