Struggling to come up with something cute for that wedding you have to attend? Hit these 10 Polyvore boards for some stylish inspiration!

Polyvore Offers Up 10 Wedding Event Styles

Summer K
Polyvore Offers Up 10 Wedding Event Styles
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With wedding season upon us, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes quite clear that our trusty LBD and all those other tired cocktail party frocks in the back of closet lack the chutzpah to truly take us through the entire season. Sure, you might not be the bride, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take extra care in picking the perfect outfit (what with all those lonely and single groomsmen hungering for the right lady to join then in the “Chicken Dance” or better yet, the “Macarena”).

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Thankfully, our pals at Polyvore are truly geniuses when it comes to pulling together the best inspirational boards to assist us in our merry shopping adventures. With over 40 million to peruse (and shop from!) it’s only a matter of time before you find something that says “Yes, I’m single and ready to mingle…until the bouquet toss, that is.”

Check out 10 of our favorite wedding guest looks in the slideshow above and be sure to post your faves on our Products and Pictures pages too!

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Who says you have to wear heels to a wedding? Follow ruppy's lead and
pair a bright pair of oxfords with a bold floral print for maximum

Nothing says "I'm channeling the ghost of Coco Chanel" like this bright
orange two-piece tweed suit. (BTW, the sheer patterned top underneath is a
nice touch, sundarialbina.)

We love muted pastels -- especially when it comes to this lovely color block dress elfbrfayd posted. Perfect for bridesmaids and wedding guests alike.

A sexy cocktail dress that makes us feel like French bombshell? (Thanks elenadal and yes please!)

Attending a nautical-themed wedding? This boldly-striped dress pops when paired with canary-colored pumps. (Bravo stylejournals!)

Easy breezy wedding style is prettily personified by this adorable salmon and cream crochet dress. As littlelaura shows, sky-high black heels are the way to go!

What two things look great together? Some sick peplum and a dash of neon. As lollypop1 demonstrates, it's an elegant twist on a traditional punk rock aesthetic.

Look minty fresh in this cool pastel dress and white blazer curated by betina-reali.

Pretty in pink - tres chic! Mariapia65 shows us how to channel a modern-day version of Audrey Hepburn.

Go bold or go home without a piece of wedding cake. If you want to rock
out at your next garden party wedding, try emulating this
Versace-inspired ensemble curated by fashion-mariquita-camy.

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