Guess Which Designer’s Latest Collaboration Is Condoms?

Summer K

Weird fashion collaborations are nothing new. In fact, they seem to be getting wackier and wackier by the day. Case in point: Jean Paul Gaultier’s recent foray into gold bars. So when we heard one of our all-time fave designers (not to mention StyleCaster BFF) Rebecca Minkoff was behind a new line of condoms, our interest was piqued.

First spotted during her spring 2012 NYFW show, these little lovelies are actually part of the Proper Attire collection and all proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood. Decorated in studs, zebra and leopard print packaging, Minkoff’s contribution (also available on her site), join the ranks of other big-name designers, including Alexander Wang, Jeremy Scott and Charlotte Ronson.

“I loved the idea of designing a condom that was made by a woman for a woman,” says Minkoff. “I got to use my classic studded Rebecca Minkoff design and apply it to the packaging, making a condom that girls can feel comfortable carrying with them.”

True, we know plenty of ladies that would prefer these to something you’d find at your neighborhood drug store, but then again we know quite a lot of gay boys who’d equally rejoice over a condom that actually color-coordinated with their ber-expensive Prada satchels.

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