Guess Which Fashion Darling Is Launching Her Own Mag!

Jessica Rubin

There are some people in this world who seem to embody an entire fashion dynasty all on their own. You know the type: every hair is always in place, every outfit is perfectly composed and designed by the best in the business and us mere mortals hang onto their every word, hoping to soak in some of their stylish wisdom.

It’s safe to say that Carine Roitfeld is one of these magic fashion fairies. The former editor of French Vogue has established herself as a mainstay in the fashion circuit with her presence in every front row, her book Irreverent and her work with Barneys’ ad campaign.

Now she’s busting back onto the publishing scene with a book created in partnership with another fashion god: Karl Lagerfeld. Tracking the wonder that is the little black Chanel jacket, the tome features stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour.

But there’s more. Roitfeld is also launching a new magazine, appropriately titled Irreverent. The Hollywood Reporter quotes Roitfeld as saying, “I want to be the Joan of Arc of fashion. I want to be the link between the runway and the real woman.”

We’re interested to see how a woman whose outfits usually cost more than an average person’s monthly salary will manage to bridge the fashion gap, but we’re ready to go along for the ride.

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