Style blogger Tavi Gevinson gives off Lana Del Rey vibes in her brand new StyleLikeU closet interview feature.

Guess Which Style Blogger Wins The Award For Miss Little Lana Del Rey?

Monica Burton

Tavi Gevinson, the teenage fashion blogger and editor of Rookie Mag, is the latest subject of a StyleLikeU closet interview, and she’s giving off some serious Lana Del Rey vibes. The floral crown, the pensive pout–if we didn’t know any better, we’d say she could be Lana’s little sis.

In this exclusive extended trailer for the StyleLikeU interview that’s posted down below, Tavi invites us into her room in Oak Park, Illinois–a room filled with her books, records and, of course, the items of clothing that make up her unique style.

In the full-length feature that is now posted on StyleLikeU, she discusses how she is inspired by nostalgia, dressing to defy critics in middle school, and why, when it comes to fashion mags, she can’t be a “total fan-girl anymore.”

As editor-in-chief of Rookie Mag and a high school student, the 15-year-old certainly has enough to worry about without being concerned with keeping up with fashion’s more serious side and as always, doesn’t back down from her personal style, some of which you’ll see in the full StyleLikeU piece.

Tavi says, “I think people admire people who look weird and dress interestingly or whatever because they wish they could be that courageous.”

There’s no question that when it comes to fashion, Tavi’s one courageous teen, even if we can’t help but draw some purely aesthetic comparisons to Lana Del Rey (let us know in the comments section down below if you agree with us as well).

Check out Tavi in the extended trailer below and see the full closet interview on StyleLikeU!



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