Hint: This designer likes jumpsuits and white hooded dresses with some seriously plunging necklines.

Guess Which Fashion Designer Kylie Minogue and Niki & The Dove Have In Common?

Susie G

The first thing we thought when we laid our eyes on Niki & The Dove‘s latest music video for “Tomorrow” was which fantastic fashion designer made that super rad printed jumpsuit for lead singer Malin Dahlstrom?!?

We started guessing that maybe it was a Christopher Kane number with his out-of-this-world galaxy prints of yester-season. Or maybe it was a Rodarte design, thanks to the beautiful color-washed prints similar to their Fall 2010 collection.

And when it looked like this jumpsuit was going to stump our style noggins, we hit up one of our very rad sources and finally got an answer.

Turns out it was created by none other than Britain’s Fee Doran of the Mrs. Jones moniker. While you may not have seen her designs recently on the runway, you more than likely have glimpsed her work on some of your favorite musicians including Rihanna, The Killers, Madonna and Kylie Minogue.

Remember that white hooded dress number from Kylie’s iconic “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” music video? Yup, that’s a Mrs. Jones piece!

To finally see the jumpsuit we’re all loving over here at the office, check out Niki & The Dove’s “Tomorrow” music video for yourself down below!



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