Guess Which Fashion Award Ceremony Stefon Might Be Crashing?

Liz Doupnik


Will Saturday Night Live's Stefon Guest At the CFDA Awards?


Award season may be over for the celebs, but our favorite designers are gearing up for a big chunk of months ahead. With the Met Gala lurking just around the corner in May and the highly anticipated CFDA Fashion Awards the following month in June, the heat is really turning up.

Not only do these talented influencers have to work on their upcoming collections, they may have the privilege of suffering from moderate anxiety with the possibility of an award in their future. So, what could possibly make this more exciting? No, it’s not the presence of an Olsen or an intimidating editrix, it’s SNL’s infamous character, Stefon.

If you’re not familiar with this uber gay club kid (read: slightly creepy dude who might watch you sleeping while enjoying a soy double cappuccino) and Weekend Update correspondent, he always knows the up-and-up as the key ‘cool-hunter’ for the New York City area. Seth Meyers, the head writer for the show, will be hosting the CFDA awards and we’re quite curious if our favorite character will be gracing fashion’s elite with his presence.

Seth revealed recently in an interview that he thought having Stefon make a guest appearance would be a hoot. “I would like that. That would be fun. We did something for an autism benefit at the Plaza Hotel, so we’ve done it outside the show before, and it was a lot of fun. So yeah, I would totally do that [if asked].”

We’re pretty obsessed with this – we would love to see the faces of the crowd as Stefon rolled out to announce one of the awards. Can we start petitioning now, or should we just play it cool and maybe put in a good word with Marc Jacobs and DVF first?

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