10 Ways To Justify Buying Those Rubber Gucci Sandals

Julia Marzovilla
10 Ways To Justify Buying Those Rubber Gucci Sandals
Photo: Courtesy of Gucci; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Welcome to 2021, the year of low-rise jeans, corset tops and the pastel rubber Gucci slides that are freakin’ everywhere I look. I’m the type of person who likes to buy a new pair of shoes as soon as the seasons change, but I also totally understand why someone may be hesitant to splurge on these exact sandals at $350 a pair. They’re expensive—and definitely a trendy look! That’s why I feel it’s my job to convince those of you that need one final push that these really are the sandals for you. If you’re looking for a sign to pull the trigger, this is it.

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Yes, the Gucci Rubber Logo Platform Slide Sandals are really, really trendy. When Drake said “Here for a good time, not a long time,” I’m 99% sure he was talking about this exact shoe. But hear me out: Where’s the fun in only wearing basics? I love a good pair of black booties or white sneakers as much as the next girl, but having some snazzy sandals in my collection that make me happy every time I look at them feels totally worth it.

If you’re reading this and thinking, I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on sandals right now, no worries! I totally get it—and I come bearing good news. Steve Madden actually sells a pair of rubber sandals that look nearly identical to the Gucci ones, minus the fancy logo. The best part? They retail for under $70—so if you are trying to save a little bit of your hard-earned cash right now, snag the inexpensive option and see how often you actually wear them before you go all-in on the designer pair.

That said, if you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you want to be convinced that these are a good purchase. If you are on the proverbial shopping edge, you’ll find a list of 10 reasons why I personally believe that the Gucci slides just might be worth the investment below. Read on and justify away! You deserve them.

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STYLECASTER | Gucci Rubber Slides

Courtesy of Gucci.


1. First, The Obvious—They’re Really Cute

Wearing sneakers and boots is fun, but you can’t rely on them all year long! There’s a very small sliver of time when the weather is actually warm enough to show off your pedicure, so take full advantage of sandal season as soon as it comes around.


2. They Serve Up Major Sartorial Nostalgia

Remember those jelly sandals from your childhood? These luxe sandals are straight out of a teen rom-com movie from the early aughts, which is precisely why I love them so very much. It’s no secret that fashion trends recycle themselves every few years, so get your colorful tracksuits and butterfly clips out of storage, too—you’re going to wanna style them with these ASAP.


3. Apparently, They’re Pretty Comfortable!

They’re best-sellers for a reason, people! Dozens of TikTok and Instagram reviews are singing their praises, claiming that the wide-fit design and chunky platform soles mean that you A) won’t get blisters and B) can wear them all day long without having your feet go numb from the pain.

STYLECASTER | Gucci Rubber Slides

Courtesy of Gucci.


4. They Come In Trendy Pastel Colors

You have enough black shoes in your closet, so why not try out a fun shade like pale pink or baby blue for spring 2021? Either color will instantly refresh even your most simple warm-weather OOTD. Plus, pastels are majorly trending this season!


5. But Also Neutrals For Everyday Wear

I also totally get it if wearing color on your feet isn’t really your vibe. That’s why I’m happy to report that these Gucci slides also come in plain black or white, so you can justify this purchase further by saying they go with everything.


6. They’ll Look So Cute With Springy Floral Dresses

Your date night outfits will never be the same. After all, these sandals do feel a little dressier than your average pair of slides because of the Gucci logo on the front. Look at you—so bougie!


7. But You Can Totally Dress Them Down, Too

That said, I also love a dressed-down high-low look as much as the next gal! These sandals will look just as good with a pair of denim cutoffs and a cropped t-shirt as they do with a dress. And with a bikini to the beach?? Swoon.

STYLECASTER | Gucci Rubber Slides

Courtesy of Gucci.

8. They’re Cheaper Than A Gucci Handbag

Think of it this way: You’ll still have a designer piece in your wardrobe, but you aren’t dropping thousands of dollars. Yes, $350 is still a chunk of change, but those $2,000 bags are simply out of budget. And these certainly don’t feel like settling!


9. It’s Been A Hard Freakin’ Year

2020 was rough on everyone. While 2021 has been a little bit better for most of us, we are still not out of the woods. Treat yourself to a pair of Gucci sandals for an instant boost of serotonin—you deserve it. No, retail therapy is not always the answer, but that doesn’t mean one little gift can’t brighten your spirits on a crummy day.


10. You’ve Been Wearing Slippers Since March 2020

…And what are slides if not slippers persevering? They’re just as comfy as the fuzzy footwear options that you wear around the house—I see you in your Zoom-ready WFH outfits—but they look a hell of a lot cooler for when you finally venture outdoors. Sold!

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