Gucci Premieres “Tetro”


Gucci got together with Francis Ford Coppola on Sunday night to sponsor the screening of his new film, Tetro at The Directors Guild Theater.

Tetro is Coppola’s first original screenplay since The Conversation in 1974. Based on his personal memories and emotions, it stars Vincent Gallo and Alden Ehrenreich as brothers dealing with the secrets within their Argentinean-Italian family. Ehrenreich, a newcomer to the scene, stars as the younger brother in search of his missing older brother Tetro, played by Gallo.

As Coppola told WWD, “Family is the way we learn to love, and therefore family is the way we learn to have our feelings really hurt. But beyond that, brother is a metaphor for all people. Because, in the end, we’re all related to Genghis Khan.”

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