Gucci Grooms The Next Generation Of Over-Spenders

Gucci Grooms The Next Generation Of Over-Spenders
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Fashionistas start so young these days, and we’re not talking about Tavi Gevinsson for once. Luxury brand Gucci (recently fronted by J. Lo and her tots) released their first iPad fashion app today, called the Children’s Collection Playground. The app is aimed at tykes who love to color, but also have champagne taste when it comes to their clothes.

The interactive app, available on iTunes, allows kids to “play dress up” with virtual paper dolls and adorn them with items from the Gucci Kids collection, designed by Frida Giannini. Your stylish youngin’ can slip on adorable boat shoes and a bomber jacket, and accessorize with 3D Gucci teddy bears, bikes and handbags. The final touch is a “Draw & Color” option, complete with watercolor, paints and selection of fun stamps to choose from think of it as a cooler version of Crayola and Barbie combined.

Gucci also encourages kids to share their style by sending their outfits to friends via email and Twitter, because obvs, what else would kids have to tweet about?