Gucci Brings on Crafty Chic with Multi-City Tour

Bee Shyuan

Gucci artisans at work. Photo courtesy of Gucci.

Gucci’s latest project has us thinking more Italian studio workshop than sleek, plunging, horse-bit adorned runway numbers. The luxury house is introducing its latest project Artisan Corner to the U.S. on April 19th and the multi-city tour is as it sounds: an introduction to Gucci’s skilled Florentine crafters. Aside from giving a peek to luxury lovers on how the whole handbag-of-the-moment is made, it’s a nice intro and revival of craft too. While we’re not knocking fast fashion retailers they do serve their purpose luxury should be, after all, about the quality of the product.

The Italian luxury brand is likely thinking along the same lines and taking its artisans first to San Francisco’s Stockton Street Gucci store and then to Beverly Hills on April 22, Chicago on April 26 and finally closing out the tour at New York’s Fifth Avenue flagship on April 29.

Along with the tour, Gucci has also tied in an ad campaign called Forever Now that showcases the house’s artisans (how’s that for letting the spotlight shine on the behind-the-scenes guys/girls?). The label’s designer Frida Giannini explains the sans model campaign approach:

“My vision involves a certain stylistic marriage between past, present and future. I am totally committed to Guccis incredible, nearly 90-year history and its excellence in luxury goods that I can constantly tap into. However I like to think that my collections blend these traditional values with a very modern perspective of contemporary fashion. That is the real interpretation of “forever now.”

Take a look at the ad currently running in major mags and papers below:

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Forever Now campaign. Image courtesy of Gucci.