Want: A Super-Colorful Bag Made by Guatemalan Artisans (For Less Than $100!)

Meghan Blalock

parcel and journey bag

What: An incredibly colorful, hand-woven makeup bag made by skilled artisans from vintage Guatemalan textiles.

Why: Because, in addition to being super cute, it provides jobs and stimulates local economies in Guatemala. Plus, each one is unique and carries with it an incredible story. “In Guatemala, indigenous women produce traditional fabrics in over 350 different designs and a huge variety of colors,” Parcel & Journey founder Joanna Steinberg tells StyleCaster. “Each design is unique to its village of origin, and has a ceremonial symbolism inherited from Mayan ancestors. We’re supporting that heritage, and then we’re taking that and creating something a little bit more modern with it.”

How: Though, technically, it’s a little pouch for your cosmetics, we envision this little guy as a great statement clutch for a night out.

Huipil Cosmetic Bag, $95; at Parcel & Journey