Your Favorite Watch From the ’90s Is Back—And Tougher Than Ever: EXCLUSIVE

Your Favorite Watch From the ’90s Is Back—And Tougher Than Ever: EXCLUSIVE

Let’s flashback to the good old days of jelly shoes, hair scrunchies, and those Baby-G watches that earned us some major cool kid points in elementary school (or high school—I don’t know your age). May we never forget that chunky, mechanical design we loved sporting on our wrists like a badge of honor. Nor may we ever forget that cute lil’ G-SHOCK beep that, to this day, still has us looking up and around the room in search of the beloved relic. Good news is we don’t have to forget any of that because G-SHOCK is coming out with a new line of watches—and this time, it’s made for the strong, modern woman (i.e., you).

G-SHOCK’s new GMAS140 series boasts the mantra, “24 hours of toughness,” and proves it with its video campaign, starring three leading women kicking ass in their industries. First up is art director and fashion designer Emily Oberg, who takes viewers along with her on her NBD, jam-packed day, from an invigorating morning hike to hunting down design inspiration in a vintage flea market to designing in the studio to so much more—you know, like the total boss lady she is.

STYLECASTER | Your Favorite Watch From the '90s Is Back—And Tougher Than Ever


Tough watches for tough women—the new GMAS140 timepieces are built to keep up with all you active modern women of the world. Jump from meeting to meeting, project to project, or what-have you (the watches are both water- and shock-resistant), and do it all without worrying that your watch could get banged up in the process. You’ll need something that’s as tough as you. Oh, and the chic, nostalgic design adds some extra points, too.

See below for the first of three videos, and head to to sign up for an email alert so you’ll be the first to know when the GMAS140 watches are available to shop—all of which retail at $99, and what’s that? Four chic colorways for fall? Sold.