31 Group Halloween Costumes Your Group Chat Will Actually Love

Julia Marzovilla
31 Group Halloween Costumes Your Group Chat Will Actually Love
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Sure, I love Halloween, but I always seem to run into a roadblock when it comes to getting dressed up with my best friends. I mean, why even dress up at all if you can’t do it as a group? If you have all the friends and none of the stellar ideas, I’ve got you covered come October 2021. Behold: The best group Halloween costume ideas for trios, quads and big-AF friend groups galore. Just call me your costume fairy godmother.

Jumping right in, let’s talk about the (massive) list of costumes I’ve conjured up below. From classic go-tos with tons of ’90s nostalgia like the cast of Friends to more modern options like the ladies of the Gossip Girl reboot, this list has pretty much every idea you could ask for when it comes to nailing a killer group costume this year. I’ve even included a few pieces that you can buy right now if you want to get a head start on costume shopping. Honestly, more power to you!

Whether you’re into celebrity costumes like The Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child or you’re looking for something guaranteed to get laughs (A group charcuterie board just feels so 2021, don’t you think?) you can pop this list into your group chat and finalize your top picks with your friends.

And remember: You don’t have to commit to just one costume! With so many options out there, I highly recommend leaning into Halloweekend and going all out with as many costumes as possible. And of course, the more group costumes, the better.

With that, read on to check out a bunch of group costumes (like, upwards of 30 options) to get your head in the Halloween game.

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The Spice Girls

You know the drill hereassign each one of your friends to be a member of the group! Whether you go totally Posh in an all-black mini dress
or take a walk on the Scary side in a cheetah-printed leotard is up to you.


The Power Rangers

If Kylie and her crew can do this, so can you! This costume is super easy to DIY, too. All you need is a few pieces that come in the same color and some paper to cut out the black-and-white-belts. Or, order the costumes for real on a drunk night and have zero regrets. Sometimes, one-and-done is the way to go!


The USA Gymnastics Team

Pick up some white tracksuits from Amazon and add the name of your favorite medal-winning gymnast to the back. The girl who goes as Simone better have some serious main character energy! Be sure to carry American flags and gold medals so everyone knows what team you’re on.


Destiny’s Child

If you’re obsessed with the early aughts, you simply have to dress up as the members of Destiny’s Child. Cue the blingy belly chains
, halter tops and mega-low-rise pants! Just know that I’m always the Beyonce, thx.


gilmore girls netflix

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television.

The Cast of Gilmore Girls

This is way easier than you think. The Rory of your group can go in a Chilton Preparatory School uniform—or just a plaid pleated skirt
and a white collared tee—while Lorelai can don her infamous denim cut-offs.
If you’re #TeamJess, you need to wear one of his signature denim jackets and if you’re #TeamLogan, go full Yale prepster with a fisherman sweaters and khakis. At least you’ll stay warm!


The Fanta Girls

I love color-coded group costumes! Pick out a mini dress that comes in either red, purple, orange, yellow or blue. Pair it with some white booties or sneakers and you’ll be good to go. Wanta Fanta? 


Taylor Swift Through The Eras

You know the deal here—lots of cozy cardigans
, sparkly dresses and black cut-out bodysuits!
Swift has so many iconic looks from her decade-long career, so have each of your friends pick out an outfit inspired by their fave album era.


A Six-Pack of White Claw

If you’ve got a huge friend group, this one is for you. Amazon sells tons of different tees
and tanks that fit the bill for this costume.
Or, DIY your own tops and have each of your friends dress up as a different flavor! Style the T-shirts with silver shorts for a blingy touch reminiscent of a metal can.


The Power Puff Girls 

Are you more of a Bubbles, a Blossom or a Buttercup? Don your favorite monochrome outfit and find out! These crime-fighting cuties are getting their very own reboot this year, so this costume is right on cue.


STYLECASTER | 90s Theme Party Ideas

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The Cast of Friends

Say hello to your new favorite no-effort costume, folks! If you have denim overalls, a few faded pullovers and some very ’90s-inspired slip dresses, you’re basically all of the way there. Getting the Rachel haircut is a bonus but not a necessity.


All of the TikTok Micro-trends

Options run the gamut for this costume, from a Coconut Girl-approved getup to a Light Academia-inspired schoolgirl. Plus, who knows what other trends will pop up between now and October 31 for you to emulate!


The Cast of High School Musical

And no, I’m not talking about the cast of High School Musical, The Musical: The Series. I mean the OG HSM! Let’s throw it back to a time before Nini and Ricky and go as Troy, Gabriela and the rest of the Wildcats. Just make sure your friends know that for this one, you’re all in this together!


The Cheetah Girls

Cheetah girls, cheetah sistas! The image of Chanel, Aqua, Galleria and Dorinda posing on an NYC taxi cab in velour tracksuits will forever be ingrained into my brain. But that’s not even the group’s fiercest look! You can take the more dramatic route and dress up as the girls on their trip to Spain in the second movie, too.


STYLECASTER | 90s Theme Party Ideas

Paramount/Everett Collection.

The Cast of Clueless

Will I ever get tired of channeling Cher, Dionne and Tai on Halloween year after year? Ugh, as if! Amazon is chock-full of yellow plaid skirt sets
these days, so take a browse through the site and find one that you like. If you’re the Dionne of your friend group, you simply can’t forget a statement-making hat!


The Members of One Direction

Ah, who can forget the early days of 1D when they all wore coordinating preppy outfits on tour. I for one cannot! Break out the colored skinny jeans, navy blue blazers and track jackets for the perfect fangirl-approved look. If you want to be a slightly better-dressed boy band (no shade to 1D!), BTS should be your group costume. Just coordinate some dance moves before you go out!


The Girls from Totally Spies!

Sam, Clover, Mandy and Alex were the OG badasses! They were girls doin’ it for themselves with crazy tech and color-coordinated outfits. They have so many cute looks to choose from and even have whole Instagram pages dedicated to their trendy aesthetic. Have one of your guy friends go as Jerry to complete the cast.


The Four Seasons

If you’re looking for a last-minute costume that you can execute for cheap, consider going as one of the seasons. For a winter-inspired fit, consider wearing a silver or white dress with ice-blue makeup and accessories. For summer, don a string bikini and a long sarong skirt!

"Mean Girls"

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

The Cast of Mean Girls

It doesn’t get more classic than a Mean Girls-inspired costume on Halloween! Sure, the plastics are a classic, but what about going as Regina George’s mom or Janis Ian? You’ll need lots of pink clothing, a blue hoodie for some serious Damien vibes and of course, the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit.


The Outer Banks Cast

If your friend group prefers to keep it more low-key on Halloween, dress up as the kids from North Carolina’s—you guessed it—Outer Banks! Are you more of a Pogue or a Kook? Either way, you need to pick up some Sarah Cameron and John B–inspired pieces. I’m talking about printed short-sleeved button-downs, knit bra tops and plenty of denim cut-offs.


The Cast of Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn and the gang got an upgrade for 2021! Swap her hot pants and fishnets for a black leather bustier and black fingerless gloves
this year.
Or, go as Blackguard and wear a heavy leather jacket, black pants and black gloves.


Bratz Dolls

If you were more into Bratz Dolls than Barbies as a kid, this costume is for you and your besties. This look is all about the drama and the glam. I’m talking micro miniskirts, baby tees tons of smokey eye makeup and blinding highlighter and the perfect pair of chunky platform heels or booties to nail that bizarre Bratz Doll leg-to-shoe ratio.


The Cast of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette

Now is a great time to whip out your old prom dress. Buy some fake red roses
and have the rest of your crew dress up in black suits. Or, wear bikinis and floral button-downs and say you’re the stars of Bachelor in Paradise.


STYLECASTER | Group Halloween Costumes

AP Newsroom.

Miley Cyrus Through The Eras

Just like Taylor, Miley Cyrus has gone through a ton of very fashionable album eras, from her Hannah Montana days to her most recent glam-rock ‘fits. And who can forget her teddy bear bodysuit from her infamous VMAs performance? To master her current look, you need lots of shiny red pieces, oversized sunnies and a seriously shaggy haircut.


The Cast of Euphoria

If you’ve got some serious makeup skills, now is the time to show ‘em off! For an easy option, go as Rue and don a maroon hoodie
, black jeans and lots of glittery tears under your eyes. 
Or, wear one of the character’s Halloween costumes for a meta vibe! Dibs on the Bob Ross getup!


The Members of KISS

This look is all about the black and white face paint
You can find stencils online if your freehand skills are subpar. When in doubt, channel Paul Stanley and paint a simple black star around your eye! Don’t forget the leather pants and platform boots.


The Cast of The Wizard of Oz

What’s old is new again, especially when it comes to Halloween costumes. I think it’s high time to give your childhood costume a much-needed update in 2021. Swap Dorothy’s classic checkered dress for a baby blue mini dress
and don a frilly pink number if you’re going as Glinda.


The Members of Josie & The Pussycats

When in doubt, throw on a pair of cat ears
, right? 
This cult classic movie has some pretty incredible fashion, so your options run the gamut. Sparkly halter tops, purple bustiers and fur-lined jackets all fit the bill.


riverdale season 4 31 Group Halloween Costumes Your Group Chat Will Actually Love

Courtesy of The CW.

The Cast of Riverdale

If you’re not the kind of person who loves to paint snakes all over your nicest leather jacket, sites like Amazon have you covered
in that department.
Or, wear a blue-and-yellow cheerleading outfit!


A Charcuterie Board

Yes, I know this costume is out of the ordinary but I really don’t care! I mean, when else can you and your friends dress up like your favorite meats and cheeses? Make your tallest friend be a bottle of wine or a cheese knife to really seal the deal.

The Cast of New Girl

Do you have a gold picture frame just lying around? If you do, it’s about time you used it for a New Girl-inspired costume. If you don’t have one, black square glasses, some fake bangs
and a red dress will suffice.


The Cast of Heathers

Everyone’s favorite ‘80s movie makes for a seriously cute costume in 2021! Luckily, this costume consists of a few items you probably already own, including a plaid mini skirt, a polo tee and a matching cardigan or blazer. All you really need to buy is a croquet mallet set


The Addams Family

Gals who live in black all year round, this costume is for you! Going as Morticia or Wednesday Addams is the perfect excuse to wear your favorite black dress and call it a night.


"Gossip Girl" Reboot

Courtesy of HBO Max.

The Cast of Gossip Girl 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the cast of Gossip Girl on this list, right? Whether you prefer the OG version or the brand-new reboot, channel all of your favorite Constance Billard students this year. Plaid skirts and knee-high socks
are a must!


The Scooby-Doo Gang

Okay, who else wants to dress up like Scooby-Doo this Halloween? Just me? If you don’t want to go as a dog, pull out your favorite lavender mini dress
and go as Daphne. Is orange is more your color, go as Velma! You’ve got Shaggy, Fred and all the villains to choose from, too.


The Cast of Mamma Mia!

Here we go again with another great last-minute costume. Denim overalls
, flowing white maxi dresses and a gold disco jumpsuit all work for this, depending on the scene you choose!
Just make sure you memorize all of ABBA’s greatest hits.


The Angels from A Cinderella Story 

Forget Hilary Duff’s white dress! I want to go as the trio of angels from A Cinderella Story this year. All you need are some dainty pink angel wings
, a halo and a pastel pink mini dress and voila!


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