Grey Antics


It’s awe-inspiring to watch a friend rise from the ranks and do sensational things. One of my besties, Natalie Levy of Grey Ant, is an amazing fashion success story. Starting off as an intern at Grey Ant, she quickly elevated and landed herself comfortably next to Grant Krajecki, the Head Designer, as his business partner.

Natalie and I have more stories than I can legally share on a public blog. We’ve worked as manager and assistant manager at a store in a MALL in LA! How crazy is that? I don’t think you understand how insane that really is. Imagine two fashion-obsessed girls working in a shoe store in some small suburb in California. Boy, if those stock room walls can only talk…

I’m extremely excited about the project that Nat and Grant are currently working on. Grey Ant just launched a collab with Urban Outfitters cleverly named Grey Antics. The ingenious collection consists of the classic high-waisted jean that we’ve all come to expect from the brand, a cropped button-front oxford that feels a little like an anorak and a little like an oxford, a windbreaker and my fave – an oversized burnout tee, as well as a number of other pieces.

If I were you, I would start shopping it asap before it blows out completely. Thoughts?

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