Grey Ant and Teva: Hiking Shoes Made For Stripping?


Remember how comfortable Tevas were? I grew up in Vermont, and they were the perfect Velcro sandal: Suitable for boating, hiking, tripping balls at a Phish concert really anything I could think of doing at age 13 was made easy and comfortable by my turquoise, geometric-patterned Tevas. Which is why their new collaboration with Grey Ant is so perplexing.

The performance sandal company has teamed up with the hipster fashion line to make what I can only describe as a meta-shoe one part hiking sandal, one part stiletto. Theyre calling it “the most comfortable performance high heel on the planet.”

Im a huge fan of Grey Ant, and as I mentioned above, Teva will always own a special corner of my heart. But to (very) loosely quote Neil Strauss in The Game, If you want to make a girl feel insecure, tell her her shoes look comfortable. Meaning, if a high heel is comfortable, awesome. If a high heel looks comfortable, not so much.

Collaborations are all the rage right now. Jimmy Choo and Ugg teamed up for a similar chic fashion meets outrageous comfort collab this year, and the line failed miserably. I think when 2 companies have a great product its tempting to branch out, but straight-up mashups should be left to Girl Talk.

And as much as I love the idea of a comfortable stiletto, a performance high heel should be designed for tap dancing or stripping not hiking.