Greek Island Hopping Basics: 5 Must-See Spots

Blair Pfander

The-Amazing-Island-Of-Santorini-Oia-And-Fira-1The concept behind Sacha Pytka’s (pictured below) blog, Soyons Ouf, is simple: “Trips I take and things I make.” Pytka—who splits her time between Venice Beach and Paris—may be an accomplished knitwear designer, but she really isn’t kidding about the whole “trips” thing. 48 stamps decorate this stylish Los Angeles native’s passport, one of the more recent of which was earned on a summer trek through the Greek islands. Here, she spills her top five places to visit in the Greek isles.
gopr8717 211 Greek Island Hopping Basics: 5 Must See SpotsZakynthos. “Navagio beach is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been to,” Pytka says. “It’s a small bay that you can only access by sea with the most amazing turquoise water, massive cliffs, and a big rusty shipwreck sitting on the beach. There are also a few cool caves you can swim to. We waited until all the tour boats left and had a BBQ in the shipwreck after the sun came down. It was such an epic night—we all got tattoos to commemorate it!”
Hydra. “This is a beautiful little island not far from Athens. There are no cars on the island, only donkeys. I spent my birthday here last year and never wanted to leave.  We had a Greek feast under an ancient olive tree, had drinks overlooking the ocean and then danced the night away on the port! Hydra’s charm drew in lots of fabulous people in the 1960’s—it was Jackie O’s favorite getaway.”
Paros and Antiparos. “Paros was one of my favorite stops in Greece,” Pytka says. “The town of Naoussa is a white washed labyrinth of shops, restaurants, jewelry vendors and bougainvillea. There is also some great diving around the island. Antiparos is the neighbor island, just to the west. The town is very charming and the caves there are worth seeing—they are estimated to be about 45 million years old!”
Santorini. “Santorini is exceptional because it sits over a caldera.  The towns are high on the cliffs overlooking the sunken volcano, which you can access by cable car, donkey or foot if you feel up to it. This is where you finally have that, ‘Oh yeah, I’m in Greece’ moment’—it’s what you see in the movies and on postcards. It has become rather touristy, but it’s worth going to. A sunset drink in the town of Oia is essential.”
Mykonos. “Party time. We only planned on staying for two days and it sucked us in for five. Rent a quad and explore the island.  A lot of beaches have clubs where you wont get much relaxing done (champagne spraying, loud Euro jams) so it’s worth asking around and getting good suggestions from some of the super friendly locals.”
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