Great News For Rich ‘Hunger Games’ Fans: You Can Now Buy District 12

Spencer Cain

 Great News For Rich Hunger Games Fans: You Can Now Buy District 12

If anyone loves a good piece of movie memorabilia, it’s me. If I could have any pair of shoes in the world, it would obviously be the ruby red puppies Judy Garland donned in The Wizard of Oz. I’m also filthy, so I probably wouldn’t mind having part of the original sandwich Meg Ryan orgasmed over in When Harry Met Sally displayed proudly in my foyer. But what I’m about to tell you goes far beyond memorabilia.

For $1.4 million, you can snag the 72-acre town that served as District 12, the area where Katniss resides in The Hunger Games. It turns out that the town is not actually in some weird post-apocalyptic part of Appalachia, but instead near Hildebran, North Carolina. Its name is Henry River Mill Village. It was previously formed around a mill which has long since disappeared thanks to a raging fire (sounds appropriate for a Hunger Games set, no?). However, there are still a bunch of buildings still standing.

Anyway, this is probably a good investment if you have the cash to spare. I mean, North Carolina is already cashing in on Hunger Games themed tours. I’m thinking of pooling a couple of friends together and scooping this up. But I’m kind of a lunatic and would probably demand we reenact the games every year, complete with genetically mutated dogs, a bitchy cat and Lenny Kravitz on hand to simultaneously sing “Are You Gonna Go My Way” in between dustings of gold eyeliner.

Is this awesome or completely ridiculous? Let me know in the comments below!



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