Great Moments In Etch A Sketch Art

Jessica Rubin
Great Moments In Etch A Sketch Art
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A recent New York Times article referenced the magic of the Etch A Sketch — it’s a creative platform with absolutely no permanence. With a quick shake, any mistake can be undone and forgotten. It reminds us of our occasional desire for a backspace button in life (we would happily use it every time we take a little tumble in a pair of sky-high heels).

But after a little Internet investigating (something we’ve gotten pretty good at) we came up with an array of beyond¬†amazing pieces of art, all done on the unreliable Etch A Sketch. What would happen if after hours upon hours of carefully etching the San Francisco skyline, you dropped the Etch A Sketch? We’re getting stressed out just thinking about it.

The truth is, these works are done for the sake of creating, not for the durability of the piece itself. So click through the slideshow above for some awe-inspiring examples of Etch A Sketch art and let us know which is your favorite in the comments section below!

Photos: Brooklyn Betty, Bryan Tech, and Waste Time Post 

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The boys of 'Superbad' take well to the Etch A Sketch look.

We love Frosted Flakes, and there's just no better way to commemorate Tony the Tiger.

A San Francisco landscape.

No Etch A Sketch gallery is complete without a Ninja Turtles moment.

We can't even fathom how long it took to create all these details.

This captures everything we loved about the Michael Jordan days.

How someone found the ability to pour this much creativity into an Etch A Sketch, we'll never know.

As an office, we always appreciate a donut moment -- no matter what the context.

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