Forget Wallpaper: Graphic Wall Paint Is the Next Big Thing in Interior Design

Homepolish graphic wall paint

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish

Walls can often be the overlooked element in a room. We get it. They’re big, and they’re everywhere. But going from the standard apartment beige to something with more artistic flair and color can make all the difference.

When images from a recent Los Angeles apartment project started coming into Homepolish’s New York City offices, there was something that immediately caught our eyes: those awesome graphic walls! Wall accents in both the meditation room and a bedroom were imaginative, creative, and simply eye-popping. We reached out to Homepolish designer Haley Weidenbaum, assuming that it was the work of a new wallpaper company.

Turns out that even our design-obsessed eyes can be fooled! Haley responded in all caps, her excitement practically jumping out of the email, “THAT’S NOT WALLPAPER YOU SEE!” The clients in the two-bedroom apartment were unsure how long they planned on staying in that particular location, so they didn’t want to splurge on expensive wallpaper. However, instead of having them give up on their dream of graphic walls, Haley searched through local artisans and found local painter Corinne Pulsinelle.

It was a lucky find. Corinne remembers the immediate chemistry: “As soon as I walked into Michelle’s apartment, I could really see Haley’s vision and how my painting style coordinated with the furniture and decor.” The three began collaborating through Pinterest, swapping ideas for murals that would communicate the couple’s Zen lifestyle.

We were so impressed by Corinne’s work that we couldn’t help but talk shop with the L.A.-based artist. Scroll through the gallery to see her works in progress and hear her thoughts on paint.

homepolish graphic art

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish

As with any space, the team looked at a variety of inspirations when they were crafting a space. Buddhist and traditional meditation motifs came into play, but more glam influences (such as the gilded color scheme) came from a favorite department store, Neiman Marcus.

Corinne is quick to point out that even art needs a plan of action. “When I paint, I always leave room for improvisation; however, I show up to every job site with a specific strategy for execution. I use painter’s tape and levels to ensure that my work is clean and that the patterns do not start to slant,” she says. This is especially essential for linear patterns on the wall.

homepolish graphic art

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish

The pattern on the wall of this bedroom drew inspiration from architectural and artistic elements found in Indian and Islamic works. Among Corinne’s other inspirations, she lists her experience as a percussionist. An amazing painter who is also a drummer? Who is this woman?

Although the final murals took only four hours, the artist admits that the final product takes much more planning. “I did a lot of preliminary work in my studio to eliminate any ‘guesswork,’ so to speak. Creating mock-ups, testing materials, and making samples took several hours.” Corinne primarily works in acrylics because they are quick-drying and odorless.

Homepolish graphic art

Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish

To attempt a mural like Corinne’s, keep in mind that she’s had years of practice. She became obsessed with patterns and repetition in college and has since taken commissions in homes and restaurants on both coasts. It might be a job for the pros. But at least paint is more cost-effective than wallpaper.

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Text by Matt Powell.